Slip and Fall Injury

3 Things You Must Do After a Slip and Fall Injury

It happens. Slip and fall injuries occur all the time but there are cases when it’s not the injured party’s fault. What’s a person to do when this happens and who is liable for damages or medical costs? Pay attention to these three must-do’s after a slip and fall injury to stay protected.

Report and Document Everything

No one likes to make a fuss but there may be justification for reporting injuries, especially when in public or commercial spaces. As mentioned, a medical assessment should be done first but a call to the local authorities should be a close second. They will write an accident report and oftentimes are the first responders on the scene. They may determine whether an ambulance is needed.

Read now, in commercial establishments, managers usually have accident reports which must be sent to their headquarters. Limit how much is said to the owners. What is said can and will be used against them. Remember that blame will try to be established. Neither accept any blame and do not point to blame.

Document everything. Take pictures of the immediate area. Write down the names of witnesses or the staff that were present during the accident. And whatever happens next, do not post about the accident on social media no matter how tempting it may be.

Concentrate on making sure nothing is severely injured.

Seek Medical Attention

If it has been determined that an ambulance is not needed, go to the doctor’s office or hospital immediately after the report has been filed anyway.

Slips, falls, or tripping is bad enough. In most cases, the biggest damage is to one’s ego. But landing hard or twisting and breaking something may potentially decommission a person for a length of time, which may cause job loss and other pain and suffering. Injuries must be cared for and properly documented if there is any chance to take legal action. Without medical proof of injury, a case will be very difficult to present.

Bear in mind too that neck and back injuries may not present themselves immediately. Bruises, fractures and broken bones are no laughing matter so do not “laugh off” a slip and fall accident. Documentation of all injuries from a licensed practitioner is necessary to prove injury.

Gambling on one’s health and well-being is never a good idea and, without medical attention, it’s a good bet that no lawsuit will ever arise.

Seek Legal Advice

It may be in the injured party’s best interest to consult with a licensed attorney like Keith Zaid Law who specializes in this type of litigation. Slip and fall cases are often hard to prove but successful law firms have the resources and know-how to help their clients get whatever compensation is deserved. Experience, knowledge, and a proven track record is what separates successful law firms from the ambulance chasers.

When consulting with an attorney, they can determine whether each case has a chance for success. Remember, they want winning cases too.

A bonus tip: Do not speak to any insurance agents without first speaking to a lawyer.