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4 Fashion Trends Popular in Korean Clothing Stores

Korean fashion continues to pave the way for stylish looks, influencing the fashion world. From the clothes to the accessories, there is always something noteworthy emerging in Korean fashion trends. What sets Korean fashion apart is its ability to provide fashion for all walks of life.

Indeed, whether you’re a student or a working professional, today’s Korean fashion trends offer jaw-dropping looks for people of all ages and stages of life. While each look is unique, common fashion aspects make Korean fashion trends popular. A particularly common find is the emphasis the fashion places on accessories like hats and sunglasses.

Even if you think you know the main types of accessories in Korean fashion, you might not know how to pull looks together that include them. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of four fashion trends that embody the art of accessorizing with Korean clothing. Read on to discover four fashion trends you can find in Korean clothing stores like Thehandsome.com.

1.    Must-Have Accessories: Glasses

Growing up, you might not have enjoyed wearing glasses and may even have been made fun of for it. In South Korea, however, the cultural view of wearing glasses is different. Glasses are a fashion staple and are sophisticated accessories, whether you need them or not. You can expect to find high-quality glasses, including designer brands, at boutiques and popular Korean clothing stores.

2. Miniskirts At Korean clothing stores

Korean fashion depicts short skirts as cute, so you’ll often see them designed with patterns like checkered plaid. You can find them in various colors, including neutral tones, vibrant hues, and pastels. Most wear miniskirts with shorts underneath for added comfort and warmth. Complete this trending fashion staple with a slightly oversized top to showcase the streetwear style that is so popular at Korean clothing stores. Students may choose to wear knitted vests for a more studious look instead.

3. Balanced Casual Outfits

Korean fashion is all about balance. Wearing chunky shoes with skinny jeans and an oversized tee shirt is the perfect, balanced look. The same is also true for other popular styles, like oversized dress shirts tucked into clean slacks for work. Hats are also integrated to create additional depth and balance. Korean clothing stores also sell baseball caps by popular athletic brands and bucket hats (these are typically accessorized with streetwear fashion).

4. Crop Tops and High-waisted Pants

Crop tops are all the rage in Korean fashion. Take your pick from a variety of options. You can choose from tight to loose-fitting tee-shirt style crop tops or sweatshirt-style versions. Complete your look with high-waisted jeans or khakis. Crop tops are popular as daily casual wear and athleisure.

Adding Korean Fashion Trends To Your Wardrobe

The next time you browse Korean clothing stores, look for staples like short skirts, oversized tees, and bold accessories. Don’t forget to mix and match your finds to create stylish looks that are still unique to you. Shop online to find the Korean fashion trends to add to your wardrobe.