4 Most Common Types Of Fencing Materials

4 Most Common Types Of Fencing Materials

Fences play a crucial role in protecting properties and preventing unauthorized entries. There is a wide range of fencing materials you can choose from depending on your preferences. However, most people only realize many fencing options once they begin planning an enclosure on their property.

If you don’t know much about the type of fencing materials available, this guide will help you greatly. Read on to learn about the four common types of fencing materials and how they work.

1.  Vinyl Fencing Materials

Vinyl fences are a great go-to option when looking for ideal materials for custom fencing near me. These materials are strong and versatile and can last for many years. Vinyl fences offer ideal solutions for a decorative picket, semi-private, or fully private style. Vinyl fencing materials from Cedar Mountain Fence stand out because they come in colors other than white — you can get them in gray hues and tan.

Besides, those looking for creative custom fencing near me can pick from other unique colors, including horizontal pickets, textured panels, and louvered pickets. You also can spend less on maintenance with vinyl materials. You can easily clean the fence with a garden hose, pressure washer, or mild detergent. The features make vinyl fences one of the most common types.

2.  Cedar Fencing Is Ideal for Custom Fencing Near Me

Another common type of fencing material is cedar. Cedar is the most durable and reliable natural wood fencing material. Available at Lowery Fencing, it resists shrinking and warping, lasting many years. This wood is also resistant to pest infestation. You can easily build a fence out of wood and customize the planks to fit various styles. If you finish a wood fence with stain or paint, you protect it against moisture in the ground. The fact that you can customize cedar fencing makes it quite reliable.

3.  Chain Link Fencing

If you like custom fencing near me, you will likely have heard about chain link fencing. Also referred to as cyclone fencing, chain link is another long-lasting, low-maintenance fencing material. The material is either color-coated or galvanized — both are rust-resistant properties. This fencing is ideal for those looking for long-lasting fences resistant to rust. Besides, chain link fences are quite easy to repair; you don’t have to spend much on maintenance. They come in various colors and size meshes, giving you various options.

4.  Aluminum Fencing Materials

Lastly, there are aluminum fencing materials. This is the most common metal fence. While wrought iron was mainly used on metal fences in previous years, aluminum has since then taken over. Aluminum has all the features of iron, including longevity, durability, and an elegant look. Even better, aluminum fences have better rust resistance. Just like vinyl fences, aluminum fences don’t need costly maintenance. This is one of the reasons they are quite popular.

Choose The Right Fence Material

You should use the best fencing materials when creating an enclosure on your property. There is a wide range of options, as seen from the four types. Determine what works best for you and pick the most preferred fencing material!