Choosing the Right Wire Mesh for Your Garden Needs

Choosing the Right Wire Mesh for Your Garden Needs

While wire mesh can seem like a material reserved for construction sites and industrial work zones it can actually be used for many different everyday applications. Wire mesh can be especially useful in your home garden in a multitude of ways. From chicken coops to compost bins, metal wire mesh can be a crucial material for your garden needs. Keep reading this article, written by Lawrence Sintered Metals, to find out more about how to choose the right wire mesh for your different garden needs.

What to Consider When Choosing Wire Mesh for Your Garden

Wire mesh isn’t all the same. From different alloys to opening sizes, each sheet or wire mesh can differ greatly depending on your needs. T-304 stainless steel is the most widely available of all stainless steels in the wire mesh industry and has many of its own benefits to meet the needs for garden use. Mesh products made out of T-304 stainless steel are operational in sub-zero temperatures, resistant to corrosion, unlikely to oxidize, non-magnetic, heat resistant in extremely high temperatures, and widely available. Other stainless steel alloys can be used in outside conditions like T-316 stainless steel and T-310 stainless steel but T-205 stainless steel should meet the standards for most of the applications you’d need it for at home.

Choosing the Right Wire Mesh for Your Garden Needs 2

6×6 Mesh .063″ Wire .104″ Opening 38.9% OA from Lawrence Sintered Metals

In addition to the alloy of your wire mesh, the other important factor to consider in choosing the right wire mesh will be the opening size of your mesh screen. Depending on the application, the opening size of your wire mesh can make or break your project. For example, choosing a wire mesh with too large of an opening can lead to rocks falling out of mesh bins, pests getting into garden beds, and more. If you are able to find a wire mesh with an opening size that fits many of your different needs, you may be able to qualify for a discount by placing a bulk order. Working directly with your wire mesh provider will offer you the best access to what may be feasible and needed for your project.

Best Wire Mesh for Your Garden Projects

●    Fencing Off Your Garden with Wire Mesh

Choosing the Right Wire Mesh for Your Garden Needs 3

Insect Screens from Lawrence Sintered Metals

Using a metal screen outdoors in your garden can help you protect your plants. Using wire mesh as a garden cover gives you a durable, corrosion-resistant material that saves your plants from unwanted insects and animals, while also allowing rain or hose water through the screen’s openings. Wire mesh in your plant beds can also be a useful tool in keeping your crops separated and organized. If you are working with a fairly invasive crop or plant, consider using wire mesh with minuscule openings placed as far down in the garden box as possible to create a wall within the soil to halt roots from spreading to other plants.

●    Using Wire Mesh as Chicken Coop Wire

If your garden goes beyond plants to take care of potential farm animals, wire mesh can also work to contain those animals and keep out unwanted thieves. For added protection inside a chicken coop, wire mesh can be used to create partitions or separate areas, ensuring the safety of your chickens while allowing for proper ventilation. Chickens are naturally inclined to wander as they search for grubs to snack on. Wire mesh can help keep your chickens corralled in their designated space while holding up against the sharp beaks and talons of the chickens and roosters. The uniquely flexible material can be easily formed into various shapes, making it a top choice for making your own coop. With the right amount of lumber and wire mesh, any DIY-er can create their own coop, saving money.

●    Composting with Wire Mesh

Choosing the Right Wire Mesh for Your Garden Needs 4

Galvanized wire mesh from Lawrence Sintered Metals

Wire mesh can also be altered to create your own compost bin for your food scraps. A compost bin is perfect for any home garden to not only create nutrient-rich soil but also help combat food waste and keep items out of your regular trash cans. Galvanized steel screen is a preferred material for this project because the galvanized coating is made of zinc, which helps prevent water and other corrosive elements from interacting with the steel.

Creating your compost bin with a metal screen also allows you to create a bin in the exact measurements you’re looking for, fitting your space perfectly. Galvanized wire mesh can also be used to create retaining walls or outdoor partitions at a reasonable cost.

Lawrence Sintered Metals: A Trusted Source for Wire Mesh

For over 30 years, Lawrence Sintered Metals has been a trusted supplier of wire mesh for a number of applications. Each project is different, which is why our wire mesh professionals take a customized approach with each customer. If you’re interested in using wire mesh for your next garden project, please contact us. We are happy to help guide you to the right material and quantity needed to complete your project.