4 Reasons To Switch Business Water Supplier

4 Reasons To Switch Business Water Supplier

B2B services should be the gold standard in business – but sometimes they’re not. If you aren’t looking at your business water supplier and the relationship you share with them through a B2B lens, then you should. Too many businesses accept their default supplier without digging deeper into who is the best option for them.

You wouldn’t pay for B2B services such as marketing for industry-standard software packages – you’d do your research and choose the best (and cheapest) option for your operation. So, why bite the bullet when it comes to who supplies your water?

While paying for a water supply to your business is a legal necessity, it doesn’t need to be a cost written off without a second thought. A lot of capital can be saved by switching to a water supplier or retailer better suited to your business and location.

Additionally, many business owners think the process is a long, drawn-out one to switch water suppliers when this isn’t the case.

Read on to discover why you should switch your business water supplier today.

Better Range of Services

This cannot be overstated enough. Switching to a retailer or supplier that provides you with a more comprehensive and detailed range of services is often the better choice – even if it is marginally more expensive with monthly costs.

A slightly higher monthly cost usually means access to better plumbers and water industry experts. These specialists can help you optimise your water usage and help you become more efficient – saving money in the long run.

A good business water supplier can provide the following:

  • Access to plumbing experts for tailored advice for your business.
  • A detailed water auditing service that will help you monitor, track, and report on water usage to help you cut down on your overall usage.
  • Provide a detailed leak detection service.
  • Offer Trade Effluent advice and licensing assistance that can save money and keep you out of trouble where trade effluent limits are concerned.
  • Emergency response for water emergencies and detailed contingency plans for your business should the worst-case scenario come to pass (anything from a small sink leak to a burst pipe).
  • A range of wastewater services tailored specifically for businesses

And that is only scratching the surface of what a great business water supplier or retailer should offer.

Switching Can Save You Money

Switching can often save your business money monthly – usually while offering you a better range of services too!

Different suppliers will often pitch different rates for providing water to your business. The most influential factor that may seem insignificant is geographical location, and it can often be the case that a business water supplier in your region can offer you fantastic rates versus more nationally focused suppliers.

Another way switching can help you save because different companies will pitch different rates for the admin and management roles they provide to your business.

Receiving a lower fixed rate is also something you can benefit from by choosing one supplier over another – again, this usually depends upon where you are based and where your supplier or retailer is based.

More Control Over Your Accounts

With the internet becoming increasingly integrated into how the modern world operates, the development of custom content management systems has allowed water suppliers to make more management features available to customers.

A good water supplier will give you an online portal through which you can have much more control over your account with them. Most online portals can offer you the following:

  • 24/7 access to bills and statements.
  • Allow you to set up advanced payments (if you want).
  • Help you to consolidate your bills if you run various sites.
  • Provide you with detailed water-saving advice.
  • Help you contact emergency plumbers when they are needed.
  • Allow you to update billing information remotely (without the need for a customer service advisor).


With a host of benefits aside from these main factors. If you don’t already have access to such features, then switching can help you retain more control over everything business water-related.

Water Bills Don’t Make Sense

If your water usage doesn’t align with what you are paying, then it’s time to scrutinise your bills seriously.

Inaccurate bills can happen due to a leak or measuring errors on the supplier’s side. In any case, a good water supplier should help you investigate and solve this issue. If not, it could be a sign of unethical activity.

For instance, it is common for some water companies to inflate admin costs more than they need to.

Your water supplier should make every effort to explain your bill to you thoroughly. Again, if they don’t, this is a red flag!


There are plenty of other reasons to switch, but these are the most common reasons to consider.

Not receiving the service you deserve? You know what to do!