Chamoy Gushers Are So Popular

4 Reasons Why Chamoy Gushers Are So Popular

Chamoy is a condiment made from chilies, lime juice or citric acid, and some kind of fruit, often mango or apricot. You can make it yourself or buy it commercially made from the grocery store. Normally chamoy is sold as a powdered concoction and has become a staple for fruit lovers who tend to like things a little spicy.

We, as human beings, have five distinct taste receptors located throughout our bodies, with most of them being located in the mouth. Those five tastes are sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami. Treats like chamoy hit several of those sensors making for a taste sensation that explodes in your mouth. One of the most popular chamois-coated candies right now is chamoy gushers.

1. Authentic Flavor

Chamoy is an authentic flavor that is very popular in Mexico and is found combined with a variety of products such as cocktails additives, garnishes, and dips, but most excitingly, candy. Chamoy gushers are well known for their delicious explosion of fruit centers combined with the sour, salty, spicy taste of chamoy. For candy lovers, this combination of flavors is almost addictive.

2. Intense Taste

If you love intense flavors, chamoy gushers are a likely choice for your candy jar. The sweet and sour combination mixed with the spicy dried chilis make chamoy a flavor treat, but when combined with sticky candy gushers, the flavors go over the top. For those who enjoy a little heat but not intense burn, there are degrees of spice in chamoy, so be sure to inquire about the type of chili used. Also, there are many flavors of gushers, but when turned into chamoy gushers, these candies become virtually irresistible.

3. Fun To Eat

Color and sticky chamoy gushers are just fun to eat. Unlike traditional confections such as chocolate or caramel, chamoy gushers come in a wide range of flavors with the ever-important kick of chilis. There is nothing boring about this type of candy. Good for all ages, everyone is happy to sample chamoy gushers. They are even proving to be popular garnishes on cocktails. To try them, look for chamoy gushers in your favorite candy store.

4. Gluten Free

With more and more people becoming sensitive or downright intolerant to gluten, there is a shift towards creating gluten-free products in the food industry. There are no worries about chamoy as it is naturally gluten-free. If you are new to chamoy gushers, find out more by searching online for more information about this delicious gluten-free product.

A Taste Adventure

There is something satisfying about biting into a candy that has a gooey center, but nothing can compare to chewing through a chamoy gusher. Intensely flavored with all of the sweet and sour flavors of great fruit candy combined with the spicy kick of chilis. If you are looking for something new and a little different than your standard fruit-flavored candies, try chamoy gushers and experience authentic flavors with an intense taste.