Electrical Problems Commonly Experienced by Homeowners in Strathfield

5 Electrical Problems Commonly Experienced by Homeowners in Strathfield

Strathfield is a suburb in Sydney in the state of New South Wales in Australia. According to the 2016 Census QuickStats, Strathfield had a total population of over 40,000 people. These people live in a varied range of residential landscape, from country-style estates to high-end apartments. But regardless of the type of abode these people live in, residents enjoy their homes’ comfort because of a reliable power source.

However, once in a while, homeowners experience downtimes. Good thing there are licensed home repair electricians around Strathfield who you can call for help. If you experience any of the following electrical problems at home, you know you can always count on these professionals.

Frequent electrical surges can be caused by anything, from damaged power lines, lightning strikes, bad home wirings and defective appliances. Although a surge only lasts a microsecond, frequent surges can cause serious damage to your appliances and electrical workings at home.

If power surges frequently happen, it is probably because of a faulty electrical device connected to a power source. Remove any cheaply made device from a power source and see if the surges still happen. If so, maybe it’s time to call a professional electrician in Strathfield to help you out.

  • Light Switches Not Working Properly

Dimmers that do not properly adjust the light brightness can sometimes be attributed to a substandard product or sloppy workmanship. If you have moved into a new home and found out that switches do not work properly, it could be a faulty power outlet or wiring. Your safest solution is to consult a licensed electrician.

  • Tripping Circuit Breaker

High wattage household items like hairdryers and microwaves can trip the circuit breaker. Do not worry about the tripping; a circuit breaker is designed to trip to protect your home.

Find out what causes it to trip. If it is because of the hairdryer, use it in a low setting. You may also try limiting the use on a single circuit when a high-wattage device is in use.

  • Light Bulbs Burning Out Too Often

If some lights at home seem to be excessively bright, there could be two possible causes: (1) the light bulbs around the house have different wattage or (2) faulty neutral power connection. If it is the latter, have it fixed right away. The problem will continue until it is resolved by an electrician in Strathfield.

  • Electrical Shocks

Electrical or static shocks are commonly mild, but this signifies something wrong in your power line or on your device, which can be pretty dangerous when left unattended for a long time. Electrical shock can happen when turning on or off an appliance. The problem could be in the appliance itself or the electrical wiring.

Test by plugging in another device to see if the shock still happens, but you are still risking another electrical shock either way. The best solution is to speak with a professional electrician.

Home electrical problems are not limited to these mentioned items above. But if any of these are an ongoing problem around the house, consider calling a licensed and experienced electrician. Your safety is of paramount importance, so do not leave anything to chance. Consult a professional right away to help diagnose any electrical problems for you and your family’s safety.