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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Custom Standing Desk

You probably have heard about the many benefits of using a standing desk. Well, if you haven’t, here you’ll learn more about this essential component of any modern office. First, let’s define what a standing desk is. It is quite straightforward. A standing desk is a desk that allows adjusting its height so you can work while standing up. It is also commonly referred to as a stand-up desk.

So, why should one choose to stand up to work? Well, it has been scientifically demonstrated that sitting for a long time is extremely unhealthy. Medical researchers have found that sitting for many hours a day can make a person more vulnerable to some diseases.

Type-2 diabetes and heart disease are just a few of the health problems that extensive sitting can cause. These risks can be greatly reduced with the use of a standing desk (you shall use it properly though).

As you can see, a standing desk is a great investment. You can buy a custom standing desk on this website. By customizing a standing desk, you’ll get a piece of furniture that will match the décor and style of your office. Also, it will be a functional desk that will bring short- and long-term benefits. Five of the most important benefits are:

  • Fewer back problems;
  • Less fatigue;
  • Better mood;
  • Lower risk of obesity;
  • A longer life.

Let’s review each of these reasons in detail to understand why a standing desk is a must for an office worker.

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Fewer Back Problems

One of the most common problems resulting from sitting for many hours is a pain in the back. This problem can manifest itself as lower and upper back pain. Sometimes, the upper back pain is so severe that extends to the neck. This problem results from a bad sitting position or a poorly-designed chair. People that suffer from this type of pain have difficulties concentrating and working properly. The solution is simple. Stand up and move.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that the use of a standing desk reduces significantly back pain. In a controlled study, participants reported a reduction of back pain by 54%. This happened just after a month of having switched to a standing desk. To enjoy this benefit, you don’t have to be on your feet the entire workday. The best solution is to alternate between seating and standing positions.

Less Fatigue

If you often feel tired at work, the most likely reason is sitting for too many hours. When you sit, your blood doesn’t circulate properly. The lack of blood irrigation in the brain and other organs creates a feeling of sleepiness. In contrast, when you stand up, your blood circulates more freely. As a result, you are very alert and full of energy. Hence, a standing desk will give you more motivation to work.

Better Mood

Likewise, a standing desk will impact positively your mood. You will have a positive mental attitude during your workday when you use a standing desk. In a controlled study, some workers were asked to move to standing desks while others remained in standard ones.

After a few weeks, those that moved to standing desks exhibited less stress than the other group. These directly translated into more productivity. Interestingly, they returned to their previous higher stress levels when they returned to their old desks.

Lower Risk of Obesity

Sitting doesn’t help to burn calories. Hence, if you sit down during the entire workday, you won’t be burning many calories. This will unavoidably lead to weight gain. On the other hand, standing up will burn many more calories in comparison to just sitting. Therefore, a standing desk will help you to prevent obesity while you work. While standing up is not as effective as doing exercise, it will be much better than just sitting.

A Longer Life

There is a link between a sedentary lifestyle and a shorter life expectancy. Medical research has demonstrated it. A sedentary life can lead to life-threatening conditions such as type-2 diabetes and heart disease. Sitting for many hours every day for many years contributes significantly to the development of these health problems.

Working on a standing desk forces your body to move, to burn calories, to have better blood circulation. The ultimate result is the prevention of life-threatening diseases, which will contribute to having a longer life.

Final Thoughts

Now you know five good reasons to use a standing desk. The benefits described above are based on scientific research. Hence, why wait longer to get a custom standing desk? A custom standing desk will blend with your office setting more smoothly. You can choose the size, color of the frame, and style of the top. Make sure to get an electric standing desk, which will allow you to shift between sitting and standing positions more easily.