5 Ways to Keep a House Clean

5 Ways to Keep a House Clean Despite a Busy Schedule

Sometimes, it may seem like 24 hours isn’t enough time to do all the things on your schedule. You still need to work, clean, cook, eat, and sleep, but it feels like the days just keep getting shorter and shorter. There’s just too much to do in so little time!

Cleaning takes up a huge chunk of your day, and you lose so much energy afterwards – energy you could have used to spend time with your family, pets, or hobbies! Even when you spend the whole day cleaning away the dust and dirt, the debris continues to pile up in your home. You might end up getting tempted to forego cleaning altogether!

Switch up your schedule, and manage your time better with our 5 ways to keep your house clean despite your busy schedule. These tips and tricks will help you with the housekeeping that needs to be done, without eating up a large portion of your time or energy!

1.  Professional Cleaning Services

Hiring a professional cleaner to tackle the cleaning tasks is not an uncommon thing. There are various companies and individuals that offer home cleaning services nowadays, and these services are offered at fair, moderate prices. Don’t get intimidated by the word professional, these premium services do not come with exuberant prices! If you are living in Boise Idaho, you may read more about it here.

A part-time maid would be able to assist you with your daily household chores while you work on other things. They can dust, sweep, mop, and vacuum the rooms in your home, and will leave you to enjoy your privacy after the work is done. A part-time maid would know how to properly clean different household items, as well as common home materials.

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2.  Automated Cleaners

Automated cleaning equipment, like dishwashers, smart vacuum cleaners, and even robot steam mops, can reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do per day. These machines are fully automated, and you can schedule them to clean your home while you’re out at work, cooking, doing hobbies, or doing anything else with your time.

Let these automated cleaners do the tasks for you, and supplement the cleanliness of your home with a thorough cleaning once a week. Leave the general cleaning to the automated devices! Alternatively, using an air purifying machine may lessen the dust that gathers around the house, requiring you to dust much less frequently.

3.  Cleaning Checklist

There are times when time management is difficult to do blindly. You can’t manage your time well if you don’t know what you need to do for the day. Create a cleaning checklist with a complete schedule of the tasks you need to tackle, and follow the tasks from the easiest, to the most time-consuming.

This way, you’ll keep track of all the tasks you need to complete, and you won’t accidentally waste time redoing some chores that you forgot you did! Plus, a cleaning checklist would keep track of the last time certain tasks were done, so you can schedule the next cleaning day.

4.  Chores Delegation

If you’re not alone in the house, and you have family members or roommates that can help you with the chores, do task delegation. After all, we do task delegation at work, and it’s proven to be an effective way of breaking down an entire project into smaller, more manageable tasks. Do the same for your household chores!

Every week, task each person in your household with certain duties and chores they need to do. Get your spouse, kids, or roommates involved, and check off chores as they are completed. This way, you’ll have more time and energy to yourself, get your house cleaned, and instill a sense of responsibility in every household member!

5.  Soak and Sit

No time to scrub out heavy stains? Do the soak and sit method instead! Soak stains and spots in a cleaning solution, and let sit from anywhere between hours to overnight until the stain has lifted away. This is especially useful for stained clothing, furniture, and tiles, as you can simply apply a good amount of cleaning solution to remove the stain with minimum effort!

While the solution sits, you can do other things with your time. For example, you can use a vinegar spray to remove the mold from your tiles. Simply spray the tiles with vinegar, let the vinegar sit for a couple of hours while you cook and eat dinner, and come back to rinse away the stains! You may need to scrub a bit, but those spots should come right off!