smarten up your living room

5 ways to smarten up your living room

Design is at the heart of our homes and the spaces we move through. The global interior design market was valued at approximately 121.1 billion US dollars between 2013 and 2021 alone, showcasing how prevalent it is in today’s society.

While applying interior design principles to your own space may feel daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes the simplest of switches or a touch of DIY can make all the difference. Here’s how you can enhance your living room to give it a smarter, more luxurious feel.

Add wooden slats to the walls

Wooden slats are a unique way of adding texture to your walls. And depending on the shade of wood you choose, they can add warm or cool tones. Some might focus this detail around their fireplace or TV wall, while others may simply opt this look as part of a feature wall. This technique can be a great option if you want to cover up an existing feature, such as a brick wall.

Build a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf

If you’re keen to get stuck into a new DIY project, why not craft a statement floor-to-ceiling bookshelf for your living room? Get your measurements confirmed, compile your materials, then grab your Milwaukee tools to compile your bespoke bookshelf. You could even paint the end result to add a whole new design element to the space.

Add white soft furnishings

While white may typically viewed as a cooler colour, it can also bring warmth to a space. Remember, there are tones and shades to consider here – and cream is a great way of ensuring you lean towards a warmer outcome. Otherwise, a mish-mash of cool and warm white tones might not create the desired effect. Apply this when choosing cushions, curtains or rugs to enhance your living room.

Consider panelling

Wall panelling is a subtle but effective way of adding new details to a space. It works as an accent wall and can add texture and tonal elements to the room. An accent wall like this can also add depth to a space, particularly when combined with an interesting colour. If the rest of your room is kept relatively minimal, panelling can be used to pull the overall look together. Decide how you’d like to angle your panels and the effect this could have – placing them vertically can make your room feel taller, for example.

Add crisp white with wood accents

If you want to lean towards crisp whites to create a clean-cut finish, why not pair this with wood accents? The right wood can add warmer tones, contrasting against the fresh white details you pair them with to make the room pop. You might go for wooden panelling on the ceiling, wooden tables and other furniture. combined with fresh white walls, carpets and soft furnishings.

Add lighting and plants

Lighting and plants are a great final flourish to help you breathe new life into a room. Taller plants are ideal to fill neglected corners, while small or draping plants add a pop of green to bookshelves. Plus, they have connotations with good mental health. You can also use lighting to make a statement, whether that’s with grand chandelier styles or simple mid-century designs. The type of bulb you use and the consequent light released will also have an impact by creating harsh or soft light.