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The Ford upgrade of the 6.0 Cooler relocation kit is a better use of the motor oil. The function of motor oil is not limited to lubricating the different parts, but it also acts as a coolant for the engine. To be simpler, it acts as a heat distributor between the different parts so that your engine does not overheat.

This is done when the motor oil travels over the combustion chamber. It absorbs some of the heat and transfers it to the engine block. This mechanism, combined with the coolant, is enough to keep a normal engine from overheating.

The main upgrade in the 6.0 Powerstroke engine case is an added cooler that extracts the heat directly from the motor oil. However, there has been much proof of this system failing on several occasions. The 6.0 cooler relocation kit can be used to prevent any of these problems in the future. 

6.0 Oil Cooler Relocation Kit

Common problems with the stock Powerstroke oil cooler

The basic working mechanism of the 6.0 Powerstroke oil cooler is simple. The heat from the oil is transferred to the coolant by making it pass through various channels. Once the heat is transferred, the coolant releases it when passing through the radiator. This is a simple and effective design, but the system has been known to fail over time, causing overheating and damage to your engine.

The passage through which the coolant passes is very small. This is the main reason behind the system failure. The smaller passage offers more surface area for the sake of better heat transfer. However, it also becomes easy for the passage to get clogged due to the accumulation of different dirt and soot that collects over time. The same thing can occur on the oil side, causing a complete system failure of the 6.0 Powerstroke engine.

Another major cause of the damage is the location of the cooler kit. Generally, in 6.0 Powerstroke, the cooling kit is placed near the engine. This reduces the cooling efficiency of the kit and increases the thermal stress on it. An increased amount of thermal stress can cause the cooling kit to develop splits and faults over time.

Among other essential causes for the oil cooler damage includes the degradation of the high-pressure oil pump or HPOP. The oil cooler feeds directly into the HPOP. After some time, the thermal stress can cause the filter of the HPOP to break down, causing an accumulation of dirt and debris in the pipe. The HPOP also drives the engine’s fuel injectors, so the HPOP failure will inevitably cause the whole system to break down.

Symptoms of a failing oil cooler

The best way to identify a failure in the oil cooler is to check for the temperature difference between the oil and the coolant. For a perfectly working system, the oil and the coolant temperature should be almost the same. If there is a difference between the temperatures, which is more than 15 degrees, then it signifies a problem in either of the systems.

This issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible because, over time, the increased temperature can cause engine failure when used in high-power situations like climbing a hill or towing a vehicle. The damage to the coolant also prevents it from entering the EGR cooler. So if the problem is ignored, it will ultimately lead to a complete engine failure.

How do I fix my Powerstroke’s oil cooler problems?

To fix the oil cooler problems, there are two decent options. The first option is to get the 6.0 oil cooler relocation kit, exactly as its name suggests. It will help you to relocate the oil cooler from near the engine to any other suitable place. This reduces the thermal stress on the cooler and makes it work longer. The other option is to get the 6.0 Powerstroke remote oil cooler kit. This one replaces the whole oil to the water cooler with an oil to air cooler system. It is more effective for releasing high amounts of heat.

The better of the two options depends on what is best suited for you and how you use your engine. The choice between the cooler kits depends upon the extent to which you push your engine.

What’s the difference between oil-to-water and oil-to-air coolers?

The first difference between the oil-to-water cooler and the oil-to-air cooler is their set-up. The relocation kit is simply for changing the location of the oil to the water cooler. The main goal here is to remove it from near the engine to reduce the cooler’s thermal stress.

In the case of the oil-to-air cooler, the whole set-up needs to be changed. This system simply eliminates the need for a coolant and directly cools the oil through the radiator. Both the kits come with a new HPOP filter, so the chances of future damage are also greatly reduced.

What’s the difference between a hot climate cooler and an all-climate cooler?

In a hot climate, the oil needs to be circulated through the engine almost 100% of the time for maximum efficiency and cooling. The new cooler kit has an advanced thermostat that guides the cooling system to judge the ambient weather and pass the coolant accordingly. So if you have installed a cooling kit for a hot climate and now have changed routes where the climate is cold, there is nothing to worry about. Just use the provided thermostat to bypass the main system.

What do I need to install one of these kits?

In general, you will get all the installation tools when you purchase the kit. However, there are slight variations between different engine models, so you might end up needing some extra tools. Given below is a list of tools that you might need for the installation:

  • Trucks with an upgraded air conditioner might need an extra bracket.
  • Some of the truck models will need a power steering cooler relocation kit as well.
  • Some of the trucks have 17-inch transmission coolers, and some have 14-inch ones, so choose the kit accordingly.
  • If you have an external oil cooler and the roads are salted on your routes, it is best to get a rubberized undercoating for protection against corrosion.

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