6 Best Audiobooks to Listen to Calm Your Mind and Soul in 2023

6 Best Audiobooks to Listen to Calm Your Mind and Soul in 2023

In this world of hurry and worry, it’s hard not to get caught up in this hustle culture. It’s crucial to keep a check on your mental health and audiobooks are one of the best ways to do that. Not only are they convenient as they don’t require you to sit in one place as you need to do while reading a book, but they also help you grow and reflect on things.

In this piece today, we will look at some of the best audiobooks you can listen to for calming your mind and soul. These audiobooks vary in their genres and subject matter, so there’s plenty for you to choose from. Let’s begin right away then!

1. Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

If you can feel extreme sadness when you’re going through depression, then maybe you can feel joy in a way that’s extreme too. That’s the premise of this humorous and life-affirming memoir by Lawson. And even though it’s about the lows and struggles that come with mental illnesses, it’s also about hope and joy. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Her disarming honesty and frankness create a more intimate style of writing that is easy to relate to and find solace in. Narrated by Lawson herself, the audiobook is a fun and delightful listen. Her unique voice adds depth and personality to the production that elevates your listening experience.

2. How to be Yourself: Quiet Your Inner Critic and Rise Above Social Anxiety by Ellen Hendriksen, PhD

Social anxiety is more common than you might think. And it’s not as easy as some would have you believe. Whether it’s talking at some public event or the family dinner table, it’s very common to feel shy and not feel like talking. Ellen has lived with social anxiety for years and she now tries to help her clients overcome the obstacles that she’s faced.

Using the latest scientific research and anecdotes of other people who’ve faced and gotten over their social anxiety, this audiobook shows how you have all the tools you need to deal with any social situation. Comfortable and warm, this has been narrated by Ellen herself and her performance makes the content a bit more personal and effective.

3. Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman

This is easily one of the most romantic audiobook out there. Whether it’s Arnie Hammer’s enchanting voice or André Aciman’s lyrical prose, this romantic story is touching and stunning in its vision. Now made into a successful motion picture also featuring Arnie Hammer, the audiobook is the story of an adolescent boy and the summer guest who stays at their house. 

Passionate and brimming with intimacy and eroticism, the audiobook is perfect for all the romantics out there. Hammer’s voice perfectly matches the sensuous quality of the story that’s filled with vivid descriptions of desire and longing. There’s a comfortable and erotic quality to the story and the performance that is both pleasing and alluring to listen to.

4. Life on Earth by David Attenborough

Also narrated by David, this audiobook follows his popular BBC documentary that changes your perspective on how the natural world operates. Through his documentary and now this book, he shows how the natural world evolved since the very first life was born on Earth to the rich biodiversity we have now. Whether it’s his exhaustive approach to the subject or the depth and passion he brings with him, the audiobook is a wonderful experience.

David’s voice is riveting and calming to listen to, and his knowledge and expertise in the subject show through every chapter of this production. Accompanying Attenborough’s narration is Chris Watson’s gorgeous wildlife sound effects that create an atmospheric and grounding production. It’s hard not to lose yourself in this tender world of nature. This edition has also been updated to bring the latest discoveries to the limelight, adding to the original classic.

5. Middlemarch by George Eliot

The magnum opus of Eliot is beautifully brought to life by Juliet Aubrey’s narration here. The story is an exquisite depiction of 19th-century England and the circumstances before the 1832 Reform Bill. It’s done through the eyes of Dorothea Brooke, Dr. Tertius Lydgate, and their unlikely and devastating marriage.

A sweeping story filled with a host of characters and subplots, each giving complex and new directions to the plot, the audiobook keeps you engaged despite its length. And that’s largely due to Juliet’s performance and the way she adds personality and character to each element of this novel. Her accents and quirks for each character create an immersive listening experience.

6. How to Calm Your Mind: Finding Presence and Productivity in Anxious Times by Chris Bailey

Having a calm mind is the key to everything in today’s world. You can’t be productive, you can’t be open to new experiences, and you can’t live your life to its fullest potential without feeling calm. Using simple and scientific methods, Chris shows how you can save your energy and channel it in new and different directions by feeling more relaxed and comfortable in day-to-day life.

Not only does this book show you how to be calm, but also how to be more focused and productive. Only when you find a balance between the different aspects of your life can you reach where you intend to, and the methods and steps given in this audiobook help you reach there. Chris narrates the audiobook himself and his performance brings a personal touch to it that adds to your listening experience.