6 Outdoor Wedding Décor Tips

6 Outdoor Wedding Décor Tips

Want to have your Big Day out in the open? An outdoor wedding has the potential to make all your dreams come true – or be a total washout. These tips will help make your outdoor wedding special, even in the rain.

If you want to get married in style, the attraction of a massive garden filled with tulips or roses sounds exquisite. While the allure of an outdoor wedding beneath canopies of arching climbing flowers should not be denied, there is one thing that will ruin your outdoor wedding faster than you can click your fingers at the flowerbeds… and that’s the weather. These outdoor wedding tips include ways to keep your guests clean and dry.

Outdoor Wedding Décor Tips for an Exceptional Event

Let’s start with the number one tip: providing somewhere warm and dry for guests to relax in.

1 – The Wedding Tent

There are two or three ways you can provide this space. You could hire a hotel wedding venue and marry in the gardens, using the rooms as needed. You could marry using a gazebo outdoors, with seating space for your guests. You might even purchase a wedding tent, particularly if you are a wedding event venue. Buying a wedding tent allows your guests somewhere out of the wind and gives you somewhere you can decorate in a similar way to how you might dress tables and chairs inside. You can even fit your dancefloor into the wedding tent and have an outdoor DJ.

2 – String Lights are Your Friends

You can turn even the dreariest back yard into a wedding haven if you apply enough string lighting to it. Battery or solar operated, these lights create a wonderful atmosphere that gets better the more the day wears on.

3 – Flowers Can’t Get Fresher

Instead of using cut flowers, why not work plants and plant pots into your table décor. Brides magazine recommend bringing potted trees indoors. You could use flowers in pots as your centerpieces, and even gift these to notable members of the bridal party to take away with them.

4 – Alternative Seating

You ought to have a rain plan in case of severe weather, but if the weather holds, alternative outdoor seating is a wonderful way to add texture and fun to an outdoor wedding. Think tea-party-in-the-forest, or the Mad Hatter’s table. You can have candelabra, couches, and chaise longue, all outside on the lawn.

5 – Fairy Nooks

Outdoor weddings are the perfect excuse to build little bubbles of indoor comfort. Erect smaller wedding tents or create spaces using cleverly placed plants. Little wooden areas to huddle from the weather can become magical with the right amount of lighting and sparkle.

6 – Balloon and Flower Garlands

You can still have balloon arches and floral garlands at an outdoor wedding. You can also never add too much ribbon or too many candlesticks. Balloons and floral garlands are another décor idea perfect for giving away to guests at the end of the night.

Have a Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding

All that there is to do now is to wish you a wonderful outdoor wedding event. May the weather be in your favor.