6 Tips for Becoming a Successful Amazon Seller

6 Tips for Becoming a Successful Amazon Seller

Third-party sellers on Amazon are now selling and moving more products than Amazon themselves. Taking advantage of the massive platform and distribution system that they provide is now easier than ever, provided you are willing to put a bit of hard work into understanding the systems that are there to assist you.

Understanding the Power of Details

Consumers are more impatient than ever, so very few will put much effort into searching through pages of products looking for the perfect one. To help with this, Amazon has created some pretty powerful systems to help customers narrow down their searches. Learn how these systems prioritize search terms and functions and use that knowledge to fill in the details your products need to appear high up on these search lists. It is crucial that you supply as many details as you can and as accurately as possible. Using product information management tools can take much of the stress out of managing this data.

Focus On Your End Goals

You should be working towards an end goal. Whether you are in business to make money, make connections, or make a name for yourself, there will always be a point where you cannot continue. This may be due to a change in your circumstances, or if you have been lucky, it could be old age. Either way, working towards a goal will give you focus, commitment, determination, and a reason to continue in the face of adversity. When you have successfully grown your business and may be considering scaling up, now might be the perfect time to think about selling your business. Look at common FBA exit strategies to successfully navigate this critical stage of your business and do it the right way.

Great Pictures Go a Long Way

Shopping online carries many risks, and many customers are wary of these risks. Being able to illustrate that you carry quality, dependable products or services through quality photography will help fill customers with confidence in you and your products. Uploading grainy photos taken off a bad-quality camera isn’t going to do much to boost that confidence. But make sure you consult Amazon’s guidelines before you spend any time preparing or editing images. Pour over a few guides or tips for product photography and you could attract your next big client.

Pricing is Everything

Many of the people who shop on Amazon are looking for products at the cheapest price. If you are going to find any success on the platform, you need to know the market that you are in and the vendors that you will be competing against. If you cannot hope to match the pricing of your competition, then you need to find a cheaper way of producing and selling your products to stay competitive, find a way for your product to stand above the competition, or pivot in your offerings and sell something that you can confidently enter the marketplace with.

Learn More About the “Buy Box”

The Buy Box is the small box beneath the buying and payment options on the right of a product page which shows similar products that other sellers have on offer. Amazon prioritizes which items appear in this Buy Box through the use of a super-secret algorithm, so it’s more like winning a lottery at the moment. It has been theorized that, to have more entries into the Buy Box lottery, you can focus on having a low price, good stock quantities and fulfilment options, and good reviews and ratings. These are basically the same details that would also help your products appear in more searches, so it’s worth a bit of extra scrutiny in these areas.

Make Use of Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

In this increasingly demanding world, consumers expect their products or services to be delivered quickly and accurately. If you can’t meet these expectations, then your business isn’t going to last long. Fulfilment is a frequent stumbling block for new and veteran sellers alike who often try to process everything themselves. If you find that you are battling with this end step, or if you aren’t happy with the processes involved in meeting customers’ expectations, then Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is perfect for you. For a fee, this service lets Amazon take over the final step of the fulfilment process using their highly optimized lines of services and procedures to help get your products to the places they need to be.

Use all of the tips above to give you and your businesses the best chance of making it in quite a tough market. Everything takes time, and everything worth doing is worth doing well, so carefully work your way through the steps above and plan your steps to success. If you take the time to consider costs carefully, pay attention to the details, analyze your market, and make use of all the tools at your disposal, you could be the next Jeff Bezos.