6 Tips on How to Protect Your Car During Summer

6 Tips on How to Protect Your Car During Summer

Most of us know how uncomfortable getting into the car during the summer is. Now that summer is just around the corner, the temperature is rising, and we know that the whole country is about to boil over again. However, as uncomfortable as it is, nothing suffers as much as our cars.

That said, there are some things that we can do to protect our cars during extreme heat:

Wash and Dry as Much as Possible

While driving, our cars normally get slathered with debris, water, or even dead bugs, and during the extreme heat, that’s something that you might want to check frequently.

If you let the debris and moisture accumulate, your paint will crack. Not only that, but dead bugs will also release toxins as they decompose, and sunlight makes them decompose faster, which can also ruin the paint.

The most obvious thing you should do is wash your car frequently. You can do it with water and car soap, using a microfiber cloth, or going to a car wash every two days. Also, don’t just wash your car’s exterior; you should also give some TLC to your interior, especially if you like eating inside your car. Heat and food debris is the perfect formula for having a caked-up floor mat.

Wax Your Car

Car insurance covers paint damage, but only when an accident is involved. It does not include neglect. Thus, it’s important to have your car’s paint protected through waxing. However, sometimes, even if you wash your car daily and wax frequently, some paint will still be damaged over time. Fixing it can be costly, so you might need to get quick cash loans to repair the damage.

To avoid this inevitable damage, having your car waxed at least twice a year is recommended to protect your car’s paint. The wax is a protective layer, minimizing damage from scratches and UV rays. If you want a more permanent solution, you can go for a ceramic coating.

A ceramic coating is much more durable, tougher, and heat-resistant than wax. It can keep your car bright and shiny for a long time too. It might be slightly more expensive than a wax coating, but it does the job better.

Park in the Shade

If you have the option to park in the shade, then you should do so. Not only does it make the car cooler when you go home, but it also protects your car from damage from UV rays. However, if you don’t have the luxury of parking in a shaded area, you should limit your parking time and always scout for free spaces in a shaded area occasionally. You can pay more money if you have to.

Leave Your Windows Slightly Open

Of course, we know it’s quite stupid to open your car windows because of burglary or even robbery. But if you’re parked in a relatively safe and secure area, you should leave your windows just a smidge open. It will promote air circulation inside your car, lowering its temperature. This way, the heat won’t damage your dash and upholstery, not to mention that sweaty leather and heat don’t smell good.

Learn How to Use Your AC

The car’s AC unit does the most work during a hot day. They are service-intensive, which is why it’s common knowledge to keep them topped up, especially during the summer. However, some people don’t know that the hotter it is, the longer it is for the AC unit to cool down the car.

It’s a common complaint among drivers, which is understandable since many people don’t know how an AC unit works. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

One thing you can do to make your AC unit cool down the car faster is, once you get in the car, open your windows to promote air circulation, which, as mentioned before, will lower your car’s temperature. You can then switch your AC to the highest setting to make it work faster, and then minutes later, your car will cool down.

Go for UV Protective Window Tints

UV protective window tints block out 99.9% of UV rays, which helps avoid damage to your car. It’s quite expensive but worth it. However, ensure the visual light transmission is within the legal limit because some states don’t allow tinted windows. Check your laws first before buying one.

Final Words

The summer is a good day to go to the beach to cool down and relax. However, it’s different for our cars. They’re left out getting toasted under the sun. Fortunately, there are many things we can do to keep them protected from extreme weather conditions, and you can start by following the tips we discussed above.