6 Tips on Writing a Perfect Wedding Speech That Leaves Everyone in Tears

6 Tips on Writing a Perfect Wedding Speech That Leaves Everyone in Tears

How to write a wedding speech if you’re not a writer? We often struggle to find the right words to pull off a touching speech. The weightiness of the event puts some extra pressure and often makes it even harder to overcome writing anxiety. Knowing the challenge, we consulted the speechwriters to inspire you and help you structure your speech.

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Here are six tips on writing a wedding speech that will win the hearts of newlyweds and guests of the wedding.

1.  Introduce Yourself

The most challenging part is to get pen to paper. So start with the easiest—introduce yourself. If you aren’t a bride or groom and the wedding is rather large, there’s a chance some of the guests don’t know much about you and your relationship with the couple.

To avoid the “who is this guy” whispers, add a quick introduction. It may be something simple or a humorous opening that sets the mood for your speech. However, if the wedding is small and you’re sure you know everyone, you can skip this part and crack on with the main part of your speech.

2.  Find a Theme

Your speech will be more compelling if you find a common theme that will tie all your thoughts together. First, use brainstorming to gather ideas. Jot down everything that crosses your mind when you’re thinking about the couple.

Find something that feels special and unique about the newlyweds and build your speech around it. It might be your first memory of the bride and groom or the moment you’ve realized they’re meant to be together. The theme of your speech should focus on the couple and celebrate their love.

3.  Don’t Do It Alone

Your speech has to be personal, but it doesn’t mean that you need to do the writing on your own. In fact, getting some opinions from the outside might be refreshing. You’ll only benefit if you ask mutual friends to brainstorm with you. They may remind you of the stories you’ve forgotten or identify the traits of the couple that are worth mentioning.

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4.  Things to Avoid

While there are no strict rules as for stories that should appear on your wedding speech, there are certain things that must never be part of it:

  • Humor is always appreciated but be sure to stay away from sensitive topics and embarrassing stories.
  • Swearing and crude language will spoil the impression from your speech and kill the mood of the event.
  • Don’t tease or roast the bride or groom. This might sometimes seem appropriate in casual conversations, but such jokes are disastrous in wedding speeches.
  • Never mention the bride’s or groom’s exes.
  • Don’t bring up the newlyweds’ relationship struggles.
  • Avoid making yourself the center of the speech. Everything you say should be about the couple.

5.  Think About Your Audience

To make sure your speech evokes the desired response, you should prepare it, keeping the guests in mind. Weddings often gather diverse audiences. If you’re killing it with your jokes in the company of your friends, it doesn’t mean that the groom’s grandparents would be equally amused to hear your wild drinking stories. So try to stay away from any sensitive subjects.

Inside jokes are another thing to avoid. Even if you know the bride and groom get it, the majority of the guests will feel left out. This might cause awkward pauses and make everyone feel uncomfortable.

6.  Make it Personal

Although it is useful to browse wedding websites for inspiration, don’t take a ready-made speech from the internet. They are too generic and full of clichés. Besides, they’ve been used hundreds of times, and the guests might have heard it already at another wedding they attended last year.

The only fact that the bride and groom have asked you to give a speech at their wedding means that you’re special to them. For sure, you have history and memories to share. You don’t need to overthink your speech or use fancy words to deliver it. You’ll be speaking about people you care about. Just be you. Anything that is genuine and comes from your heart will be right.

The Bottom Line

Writing a wedding speech often feels daunting and intimidating. However, the key to a killer speech is simple: find a theme, make it personal, and speak from your heart. We hope our tips will inspire you to get your thoughts onto paper and write a special wedding speech!