7 Best Crop Top Designs that Can Be Centre of Attraction

Crop top is quite popular throughout the world. Crop top has been worn with the both western dresses and ethnic dresses. In 90s, wearing crop top was quite popular. Today, it has not lost the charm and craze at all.

The best thing is that options for crop tops have increased. You can make your appearance unique and trendy with crop tops. Before discussing the popular crop top designs, let us find some of the features of this type of dress for women.

Features of Crop Tops

1. Crop tops used to be worn with lehengas. Nowadays, women wear crop tops with jeans, shorts and western skirts.

2. There are plenty of options for crop tops. You shall find ethnic designs which are suitable to be worn with lehengas. There are trendy western designs too.

3. Crop tops may come with full sleeves. You can also get sleeveless crop tops too. The choice is yours.

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Types of Crop Tops

A few examples of trendy crop tops have been discussed in the following section. You shall have plenty of choices in the marketplace. Here, a few options have been highlighted.

1. Embroidered Ethnic Crop Top

Ethnic design is loved by many people these days. If you are seeking a crop top that gives you vintage ethnic look, you can choose the embroidered crop tops featuring floral motifs or ethnic patterns. With such ethnic crop tops, you have choice to go for sleeveless.

If you are not comfortable with sleeveless design, half sleeve ethnic crop top is also there. You shall look equally gorgeous with the half sleeve ethnic crop tops. Pairing the crop top with a lehenga or long skirt is recommended. Some can also pair the crop top with palazzo pants suit for wedding.

2. Long Sleeve Blouseon Crop Top

For a cool and smart look, you can choose the blouseon crop top. This type of crop top is also trending nowadays. If you want to attain a vintage style statement, this is the right crop top for you. Typically, such crop tops come with ethnic designs and embroideries. You can pair the crop top with palazzos, long skirts, lehengas, etc.

3. Designer Velvet Crop Top

This type of crop top is recommended to those who love wearing designer items. This type of crop top will give you an edgy look. It can be placed somewhere between ethnic and western designs. The crop top will look amazing when you pair it with long skirts with minimal designs.

4. Mesh Crew Crop Tops

These crop tops are named like this because they have been produced from breathable mesh materials. Sometimes, such crop tops look similar to t-shirts for women. Hence, they can be paired with jeans and palazzos. They are super comfortable. You can wear them on any casual occasions.

5. Mock Neck Crop Top

The mock neck crop top is also often termed as faux neck crop top. The top creates an illusion of closed neck. It looks pretty stylish and chic. For various parties, you can choose this crop top, especially when you have limited jewelries or accessories. The mock neck will take all the attention, and thus you do not need any jewelry for your neck.

6. Chop Crop Tops

These are regular crop tops with short neck. Such crop tops can be perfectly paired with the high waist skirts. You shall attain a trendy look with such type of crop top.

7. Stylish Wrap Crop Top

If you like old fashioned crop top design, wrap crop tops are the best option for you. You shall get various kinds of stylish wrap crop tops. For buying them online, you can use Carrefour coupon codes for an amazing discount.