7 Helpful Tips to Pass the Real Estate License New York Exams

7 Helpful Tips to Pass the Real Estate License New York Exams

Your journey toward getting your Real Estate License New York exams can be challenging and exciting. The same goes for taking other licensure exams, and, understandably, you feel stressed and anxious, as the exam will serve as a final barrier between your dream job and a career in real estate.

You would sometimes feel left out or behind in your learning foundation. The good thing is that there are strategies and ways to pass the real estate license New York exams. So, if you are looking for ways and inspiration to get a sure-hit passing score for the real estate license New York exams, then you’ve come to the right place.

As you are one step closer to becoming a real estate license holder, this article will give tips and tricks to pass the real estate license exams. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

What to Know Before You Register for the Exam?

Before any candidate registers to take the New York Real Estate exam, they should complete the 75 hours of pre-licensing learning. The course will cover all topics required to become a real estate license salesperson.

Know that topics include the law of agency, license law, real estate finance, and regulations. Once you finish taking the Real estate New York pre-license course, you have to pass the final exam of the course and get a percentage of 70%.

Tips to Help You Pass the Real Estate Exams

Here are some tips you can follow that could help you pass the real estate license in New York exams.

Come up with a Study Schedule

Consistency is one of the key factors to studying effectively. Schedule your study period and rest when you need to. You may opt to study every other day or alternate days of the week, such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The thing here is that you create an effective schedule for yourself that is comfortable and never exhausting. Because you will feel lost and find it hard to study if your schedule is not fixed, and when it gets hard, you’ll probably end up procrastinating.

Never Overstudy

When you review for the tests, focus only on the coverage. Overstudying will lead to burnout, so always keep the study sessions short. What’s recommended is for you to spend around 2 hours in the given study block because once you study for long hours, you will be prone to frustration and fatigue. Worse, you will not absorb all the information that you are reading and end up wasting your time for nothing.

Expand What You Have Learned

Expanding what you have learned refers to combining everything you have studied. You can change it by studying various areas to help cover various grounds and hold more information.

If you diversify what you study, you don’t get tunnel vision in one category.

This will keep you studying fresh and exciting because you will no longer repeat information you have learned before. In other words, you only must review, learn, and move on.

Challenge Yourself

There could be subjects we struggle with and hate the most in a course. Perhaps you just hope this subject will not come out on the exam. But instead of that, you can just challenge yourself. That way, you will understand and master it. The best thing to do is analyze the subject and focus on topics you hardly understand. You only need the patience to go through them once more.

Make Use of Acronyms

Acronyms are tried and tested methods of studying. This would make remembering much information a lot easier. It is done by creating a phrase or short words to keep reminding you about information. With this, you will become more efficient in storing information in your head without getting exhausted. It will surely help you recall during the real estate exam.


This could be a funny tip, but remember that you become more efficient and brilliant if well-rested. When you finish every study session, you must rest your mind. Give yourself enough time to relax, especially on days before your real estate license New York exams take place.

Utilize Materials and Resources

You may check with Van Education Center if you want a quick and effective way to prepare for the real estate exam. The exam material is designed to prepare for the exam. Practice and take mock tests many times and try to get a rate of more than 80%. Of course, use every updated material and reviewers you can have in preparing for the exams.

Key Takeaway

Passing the real estate license exams in New York is a piece of cake. Yes, the exam is difficult on purpose, yet it’s not impossible. It’s not hard to pass if you have prepared for it. It’s just a matter of the presence of the mind and a very good learning foundation.

That’s why you must always pay attention during the pre-license course. Develop an excellent study habit and take everything seriously. If you just put all your efforts forth, you will always be confident enough to pass on your first take.