7 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney in NOLA

You are going to need to get a personal injury attorney when you have been injured and then you are losing income since you are unable to work. Getting a personal injury attorney from Big Easy Injury Attorney in New Orleans would stand as your representation during your case. They are there to advocate for you and make sure you get compensated for what you deserve.

1.    How many personal injury cases have you taken to trial and what were the results?

Entering this, you could keep in mind that it is possible to negotiate before you go into trial and come up with a settlement and not involve a jury trial, but going into the trial is inevitable when both of the parties could not agree on the settlement amount.

You are going to have to look for Attorneys who have experience going to trial and make sure that they would properly be able to advocate for you so that you could get the maximum amount of compensation.

2.    Have you handled personal injury cases like mine before? If so, did any of them go to trial?

Asking them if they have handled cases that are similar to yours would give you the reassurance that they have an idea of what they are getting all of you into. Asking about whether or not similar cases went into trial instead of the settlement would also help prepare you for what to expect with working with these Attorneys.

Though you should not rule out any of the attorneys who have not handled a huge sum of cases that are eerily similar to yours, you do not want your case to be the first case they handle in the situation that you are in.

A follow-up question is a must though when you are asking this specific question. Ask them how many successful verdicts they have won when they were in court.

3.    How much do you think my case is worth?

When you go into consultation, they are going to go into the evaluation stage where they could be able to tell you if there is going to be compensation that is legally entitled to you.

Though they would not really be able to give you a rough estimate of how much you could possibly get, they’re going to be able to tell you if you are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, any lost wages, suffering, pain, and other stuff, depending on the case.

All of these would be able to affect the settlement amounts that you could expect to get with this case, and when you are working with a lawyer who is experienced, they are going to help make you better understand what the general range could be.

There are a few factors why they could not give you an upfront amount like medical evidence, liability, and discovery, which are pretty much unknown.

4.    How long do you expect it will take to resolve my case?

When you are asking this question to the lawyers you are interested in working with, the best answer that they could actually give you is the ‘it depends.’ because it really does. There are a lot of variables that you have to think about when talking about your case, like the complexity of the case overall, the court calendar, and the willingness of the other party to settle.

5.    Do cases like mine usually settle out of court or go to trial?

Asking their experience with the certain case you are handling and whether or not they have been able to make a settlement out of court or it would inevitably go to trial is a great way for you to mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare yourself for the fight you are about to fight.

6.    Do you foresee any issues or difficulties with my case?

You are going to have to ask if they see if there are any weaknesses in your case and what they are. This is better to know sooner rather than later. Entering this battle, you have to remember that there are always going to be some areas of concern that you are going to have to address as soon as possible, and this goes no matter how strong your case may be. In cases like these, you need to expect the unexpected.

7.    If I am not satisfied with a settlement offer, are you prepared to take the case to trial?

Looking for an attorney who has experience with a trial is extremely important because there is a chance that the other party wouldn’t settle and you are going to have to take the case to trial. Look for an attorney who is willing to advocate for you, and they are good at doing so. They need to be willing to fight for you if ever the company would refuse to settle or if the offered settlement is not fair.

Before you work with the Personal Injury Attorney, it’s important to ask questions and bring up any of your concerns, and they need to be able to keep you updated and keep you in the loop so you know the progress of your case. The more informed you are, the better they would be able to represent you, and the bigger chance you are going to win your case.