Cloud Computing

7 Ways Cloud Computing Can Improve Your Business Communication

Cloud computing services can greatly improve how your business operates. Particularly these advantages are present when it comes to communicating both internally with employees and externally with customers and stakeholders.

Cloud computing refers to storing and accessing shared data and programs through the internet, instead of requiring a physical ‘on-premise’ server. These cloud services can be accessed on-demand as needed and are often paid for on a subscription, without a large upfront capital expense. 

Business communication is central to the smooth and successful operation of any business and adopting cloud computing solutions can greatly improve the way you communicate.

Centralised data

When utilising a cloud data centre, all information, documents and files are stored in a centrally accessible location. This helps maintain version control, with one central ‘source of truth’. There is also always a safe copy that can be recovered in case of emergency as instead of on-premise storage it is always accessible in a virtual data centre.  

Centralised data

Use numerous devices 

A cloud telephony solution allows you to make and receive calls on the same phone number across a number of devices. An employee can communicate using phone, chat, email and across mobile, desktop and tablet. If for some reason they are not able to physically access their work computer or telephone, an employee at an organisation that adopts cloud technology can still access all applications and send and receive calls on their business number, as long as they have internet connectivity. 

Work remotely

Cloud computing solutions allow team members to securely access their business phone and data anywhere that internet is available. This provides the ability for your business to be flexible with off-site workers. There is no separate system for those working in the office versus those working remotely. This means there is a smooth transition should situations change and team members be required to work from home.

Maintain relationships

Along with having streamlined central data storage there are other cloud computing capabilities that can improve the customer experience. Video calls, a cloud communication feature, improve the ability to build relationships with customers from a distance. When face to face communication is unavailable, a video call is the next best thing. Video conferencing is also useful in strengthening internal employee relationships and can improve business collaboration and productivity. 

Improved collaboration

Cloud computing allows different employees and departments to collaborate more easily. With a central virtual data centre, document sharing is easily facilitated. These documents are at your fingertips wherever you are working from, without needing to find physical paper or locally stored files. They will also be the most recent, relevant document version, which improves version management and reduces the risk of the wrong file being shared. 

Simplified chat communication

Cloud communication platforms generally have an instant messaging or ‘chat’ feature. Team members can communicate one-to-one or in groups simply and in real-time through applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts. This form of communication allows for greater collaboration between employees as they can maintain contact and receive quick answers to their questions through these convenient programs.    

Inexpensive cost of entry

A cloud infrastructure means that businesses only pay for what they need, which can be particularly beneficial for small businesses. There is no need for high initial capital expenses as no additional hardware is required. Cloud telephony in particular can use existing smart phones and desktop computers. A VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system also means that you can make international and long distance calls through the internet instead of legacy telco infrastructure. Reducing costs and opening up business opportunities further afield.

Cloud computing has a wide range of business benefits, particularly in the communication space. The very nature of operating through the internet, instead of using on-premise infrastructure, means that it is easier to stay connected with colleagues and customers.