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8 Useful Tips When Homeschooling Your Children

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents have decided to homeschool their children. You may have thought it’s time for you to join in, especially that you are now working at home and already have the time to homeschool your kids.

If this is your first time, you may be confused about how this works. But, no need to worry! In this article, we are going to share with you useful tips when homeschooling your children.

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In-depth Research on Your Homeschool Choices

Start any time, regardless of whether your kids are still toddlers or are already in their elementary years. Many parents believe the end of the school year is the best time to begin their research since it provides them enough time to research the details and get started by the autumn season.

Do your research by joining a local homeschool group, talking to friends and colleagues who are homeschooling their children, visiting the library, and reading books. Get enough information about the different methods so you will know that you are making an informed decision.

Remember, since it’s your first time, do not get frustrated if you do not understand what you hear or read.

Check Homeschooling Requirements in Your Area

Homeschooling guidelines are different from one area to another. For instance, in New York, you will be required to file a yearly Declaration of Intent with the superintendent 2 weeks before beginning homeschool. You will also be asked to submit an Individualized Home Instruction Plan. Furthermore, you will be asked to submit reports quarterly, attendance records, and perform standardized tests.

So, it is essential that you are fully aware of the requirements in your area to make sure that you are doing everything right.

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Participate in a Local Homeschooling Group

Joining a local homeschooling group allows you to get valuable information and stay updated. You can ask other families questions and you can even ask them to take a look at your homeschooling routine. What’s more, you will have great ideas about activities that are right for the age of your children.

In return, you can also share your knowledge and experiences, particularly to parents who are also new to homeschooling.

Decide on Your Homeschool Curriculum

Typically, you can buy homeschool curricula online, which will be mailed to you. You will have to register first and then follow the steps on how you can get the curriculum. It will include traditional workbooks and textbooks that include arithmetic, reading, and writing as well as more individualized methods that are according to the interests of your children.

Make a Homeschooling Space

While you are homeschooling children, it is still preferred that they have an actual space where they can study properly. Make a checklist of the things you will need, such as a worktable and an empty wall space where you can put calendars and schedules.

Take note, you don’t have to purchase everything. For instance, you can use your kitchen table as the worktable as well as empty cabinets as bookshelves and storage for school supplies.

Furthermore, it’s better if your workplace is near the computer and internet modem or router. This way, your older children who need to do research don’t have to travel far in case they need to do online research.

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Set Specific Goals

Homeschoolers study at their own pace, but it’s essential that you and your children consider what they can achieve in a year. It is recommended that academics have both short-term and long-term goals. But, do not forget that physical activity is also as important. Doing academics all the time can get boring sometimes. Incorporate physical activities or games so your children will stay interested.

Make a Schedule and Stick to It

After setting up your goals, you now have to make a schedule and make sure that you stick to it. This is especially helpful if this is your first time homeschooling. Having a schedule also helps in your children so they look forward to their next activity.

It helps if you have a plan book so you can break your children’s academics up and every subject you plan to work on. Include in your plan extra-curricular activities, such as visiting the park and field trips.


Homeschooling is becoming more popular today for a reason. Apart from having a closer look on your children’s progress, homeschooling also allows you to be closer to them. However, keep in mind that even though your children are already studying at home, you still have to implement rules. With the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling, there are also a lot of challenges. Nevertheless, always do your best to stay positive and be patient both with yourself and your children.


Best of luck!