the Air Jordan 1s

A History of the Air Jordan 1s

Did you know that the most expensive sneakers ever sold were Nike Air Jordan 1s? They went for an incredible $560,000.

These awesome pair of game-worn sneakers also carried the autograph of Michael Jordan.

If you are a follower of Nike Airs, then you will know just how valuable they are. But what should you know about the ubiquitous Nike Air Jordan 1s?

Why not keep reading to get a fascinating insight into some shoe history?

The Origin of a Legend

The story of Air Jordans begins all the way back in 1984. While Michael Jordan was making some amazing plays and stats in the NBA, Converse, was the official shoe of the competition. They told Jordan that they could not put him above other athletes.

Jordan took the decision to partner against Converse. After some persuading, he decided to go with Nike. They offered him a young player a deal that was almost unheard of in those days. He rewarded them by carrying their logo and helping them create the most famous sports shoes of all time: the Air Jordan 1.

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A History of the Air Jordan 1s

Where the Name Came From

Coincidentally at that time, Nike was starting to develop their air sole technology. When they started to make Michael Jordan his own custom shoe, they had the perfect technology for a man who spent most of his time in the air.

The Nike Air Jordan was born.

The public loved them. Nike originally had a business plan to sell $3 million of the shoe over the first 4 years. However, by the end of the first year, they had sold well over $126 million of Nike Air Jordans

If you were looking to buy shoes that gave you street credit and also delivered on the court, the pressure was on to buy Nike Air Jordans.

The Jordan 1 Legacy

The Nike Air Jordan shoes continued with Jordan the player throughout his career. When Jordan came to his last professional game in Madison Square Garden, what shoe did he pick to play in? His original Jorden 1s.

These were original model Jordan 1s and did not quite match up to his pace and Jordan admitted that his feet were in pain by half time. However, they carried symbolic importance to Jordan and his followers ever since.

If you are an owner of a pair of Jordan 1s, you know the legacy that they carry every time you put them on to play ball.

Everything You Need to Know About Sports Shoe History and Much More

If you are a Nike Air Jordan fan, understanding the complete shoe history and the evolution of the shoe gives you an idea of what makes the shoe that you love today.

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