A White Kitchen

A White Kitchen – Outdated Or Evergreen?

Moving into a new place? Bored of your original kitchen style?

It can be challenging to find a style that suits you. Style magazines can also make it difficult to ascertain what is still trending.  So, are white kitchens hot or not? Let’s find out below. 

A White Kitchen

While an old white kitchen with no sense of style will always be outdated – there are more modern white kitchens that will stay timeless. These classics are what you will have to be looking at when designing a white kitchen. 

In the olden day’s white kitchens were just that – completely and utterly white, but now you can add a little bit of pizzazz. It’s still however too over the top if you don’t add any white in your design. 

Deciding to not use any white may make your design too dark or busy.  White is very good for contrast and it’s essential to have some white surfaces in your kitchen. It’s the one reliable color, the staple color.

What Is Meant By A Modern White Kitchen?

A modern white kitchen – is a kitchen that matches everything else – from the tiles, the countertops, to the floor and the walls. It should all stay cohesive and still look effortless and clean. And the best of all is that not everything has to be 100% white! You can experiment with a dash of color here and there.

What Is Meant By A Modern White Kitchen

How Do I Incorporate A Dash Of Color Into My White Kitchen?

The wallpaper can have a little grey design in it with spiraling lines – delicate and not too much contrast could be the way to go. You can pair this design with marble that looks quite similar to the walls and then the cabinets can be completely white and just stand out from everything else. 

Try to stick to adding only a single color or two to avoid your design becoming too cluttered and looking tacky. Also, don’t be scared of using textured white to create an interesting visual effect.

Tips and Tricks to Designing Your Kitchen 

You may be wondering if there are any surefire tips to help you design your kitchen? The answer is yes. While I know it can sometimes be hard to envision how all the different looks will form a cohesive and natural kitchen at the end – this is why there are online services where you can get a free 3D kitchen designed. 

What about samples? Well, samples can be tricky, because you not only want the correct color, you also want the texture to be perfect – and it’s hardly ever the same as shown in pictures since the lighting may be different, etc. 

It can be worrisome to buy cabinet doors in bulk just to see that you don’t like them once they are delivered. So be safe and order cabinet samples before making a decision.

How Can I Add To The Shiny, Modern Look?

Adding functional items like a silver hood on top of your stove to keep the smoke out of your freshly painted walls would also be aesthetically pleasing. Next, try matching your fridge and sink to the stainless steel hood. 

For functionality, consider sinks that have a little bit of a downwards curvature – since it’s easier to get all the cut-offs into the sink. You can also add some shine to your cabinets by adding a beautifully designed knob or handlebar.

So What About The Colors Of Cabinets?

There are so many different color schemes and paint to choose from. Should they also be white? Well here’s the thing it can pop if you add a little color elsewhere, but if you don’t have a professional to clean your kitchen and you’re a bit of a slob – then it will get dirty easily. 

Kitchens are messy. It’s where we experiment with food and where our children try to bake a cake for the first time. If you are too scared of white kitchen cabinets, for this reason, I would suggest a nice decorative covering to protect the paint. Or a bit darker shade of the color you prefer.

Also, don’t be afraid to do two different colored cabinets. Darker at the bottom, and white top cabinets can draw your eyes in and make the kitchen appear bigger.

Flooring Can Go Either Way

There are different types of flooring you can choose from. A nice sparkling white tile can complement the rest of the kitchen, and look especially good if you have marble countertops.  

Wood can also look very welcoming – but it usually tends to be darker so choosing more white in cabinets would be a good trade-off. With the color scheme -it’s all about trade-offs if you put something darker somewhere you’ll have to have something lighter anywhere else. Balance is key.


White kitchens – when done stylishly – can have a very classy, modernized feel to them. Adding stainless steel equipment to the mix will add to the accessories. You can add a splash of color either on your walls, bar-stools, countertops, floors and don’t forget your other kitchen decor such as plants. 

It’s always good to use neutral colors like light grey or black. Be bold and be creative when designing your kitchen. Use the internet to get inspiration and discover what you like and then make it happen.