opioid treatment programs

Addiction centers with the best opioid treatment programs

Addiction is a scary thing. To beat the fight against substance abuse, many individuals require something that is more intense than outpatient therapy. Finding the right facility that can provide you with the resources needed to fight this deadly disease is crucial in getting your life back, getting clean, and nurturing damaged relationships with friends and family.

If you find that your drug addiction has spiraled out of control, you may be worried that you are past the point of no return. Don’t worry – there are thousands of others who are in the same position as you. We have a list of resources that can help you get healthy and happy by battling your addiction and finding the right program to get you back on track.

The best opioid treatment programs

There are many online resources that can help you find the best opioid treatment programs in your area, see more to learn about it.

opioid treatment programs

Health and Human Services

You can visit hhs.gov/opioids to find treatment programs in your local area. All you have to do is enter your address, zip code, or city to find the treatment centres closest to you.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Another online resource is samhsa.gov, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health SErvices Administration website. On this site, they list multiple helplines and hotlines for thoe struggling with mental health, like the naiotnal Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the National Helpline. For those wanting to find opioid treatment programs, you can use the FindTreatment.gov link or the Behavioral Health Treatment Service Locator to find a nearby treatment facility.

State-Funded Facilities

There are a number of state-funded drug and alcohol rehab centers around the country. If you are searching for opioid treatment programs to get someone started on their road to healthiness and happiness, browsing the Directory of Single State Agencies for Substance Abuse Services can provide information regarding the abuse agency in each state.

When looking online to find state-funded opioid treatment programs, there is a list on AmericanAdiciotnCentes.org, showing the treatment centers in each state. Some of the treatment centers is as follows:

  • California: The Edge Treatment Center
  • Florida: Recovery First Treatment Center
  • Las Vegas: Desert Hope Treatment Center
  • Massachusetts: Adcare Treatment Hospital
  • Mississippi: Oxford Treatment Center
  • New Jersey: Sunrise House Treatment Center
  • Rhode Island: AdCare
  • Texas: Greenhouse Treatment Center

These government-funded rehab opioid treatment programs help individuals by funding businesses and organizations with government money. For those who are struggling to make ends meet and can’t afford a luxury rehab center, these funded organizations provide detox, opioid treatment programs, and support services for everyone.


When looking for opioid treatment programs, you have to take into account what you can afford, your geographical location, and the exact services you need to beat your addiction. Lucky or those who are down on their luck, state-run and government-funded organizations can help individuals who don’t have the current income to pay for expensive rehab facilities and opioid treatment programs.