Advantages and Disadvantages of Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stained Kitchen Cabinets

From households to furniture showrooms, and fashion magazines, stained furniture are on display everywhere. It seems that people all over the world are gravitating towards cabinetries with stained finishes. But why are stained cabinets so popular?

From their natural charm to fantastic durability features, these drawers are nothing less than a pleasant attraction. In this article, we will review stained kitchen cabinets to uncover their good and bad sides.

Read on to find out why you need to stain your cupboards

Reasons Why Stained Cabinets are now in Fashion

Did you know that cabinets, just like other types of furniture, are mostly defined by their finishing? Compared to painted cabinets, cupboards with stained finishes are, however, the best any homeowner can opt for, thanks to their amazing aesthetic features. In fact, stained cabinets, from vintage to contemporary designs, have been in fashion for so many years.

But this 2023, these drawers are more popular than they have ever been. Below are the chief reasons for their heightened fame.

  1. The all-Natural Appearance of Stained Cabinets

With stained finishing, it is easier to install nature into your kitchen. Because the natural grain property of wood comes out well with stained unlike with painted finishing, stained kitchen cabinets are ideal for making a kitchen interior naturally unique and eye-catchy. With the ever-increasing desire for naturalness in modern interiors, stained cabinets have scaled to another higher level in terms of popularity.

  1. Ease of Access

Did you know that it is easier to acquire and install unpainted cabinets compared to painted ones? Because natural stains are attractive and can blend with so many colors, they have become very common and so, uniquely affordable and simple to find. Whether you want to stain your existing cabinets or you want to get yourself brand-new stained cabinets, you will always get what you want.

  1. Ease of Maintenance

Besides the ease of accessing them, stained cabinets are also easy to maintain. While painted cabinets are considerably scratch resistant, their stained counterparts can hide a great deal of dirt and spills regardless of the interior in which they are housed. Hence, stained kitchen cabinets are easy to maintain and can stand for a long time without getting their looks tarnished by tear and wear.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you like it or not, you can only use stained cabinets to complement the look of your cookhouse if you know their positive and negative aspects. In this section, we will review the good and bad sides of these drawers to help you make make good use of them.


#1: Stains Expose the Pristine Aspects of Wood

If you own or prefer cabinets made of hardwood material, then you should stain rather than paint them. All kinds of stains, from stains with transparent to semi-transparent hues, can allow the texture and color of raw wood to come out as clearly as you want. This can explain why stained cabinets have for a long time been the favourite of homeowners attracted to color and texture.

#2: Stained Cabinets have Resilient Surfaces

While the surfaces of painted cabinets can easily peel off after prolonged use, stained kitchen cabinets can last forever without peeling off or being scratched. Considering that all types of stains are made to penetrate all types of hardwood surfaces, staining is notably ideal for preventing soaking, and so, peel-offs, of cabinets.

#3: Stained Cabinets are Pocket-Friendly

Generally, it costs less to stain cabinetry compared to painting them. As I have already mentioned, stains of different kinds, including customized stains, are very easy to access. With their ease of access, their prices have turned out to be considered fair. If you prefer ready-made stained cabinetry, you need to know that they are also less expensive in terms of pricing.


#1: Stains Don’t Work Well on Non-Wood Materials

You are more likely to find stains difficult to work with if your cabinets are made of non-wood material. Whereas artificial materials like fibreboard are relatively cheaper in terms of cost of acquisition and installation, they cannot absorb stains like they do paints.

Hence, staining your cabinets can easily prove to be disadvantageous if your cabinetries are not composed of natural wood material.

#2: Stained Cabinets can Fade Easily

While stained kitchen cabinets do not peel off easily like painted cabinet varieties, their outlook can easily fade off, especially if they are installed in an interior with constant traffic. Because stains are made to last for only a few years in terms of tone, stained cabinets can look rusty or classic even if their design features are still intact. Hence, they typically require regular re-staining, which can be costly in terms of finances and time.

Stained Vs. Painted Cabinets; Which is Better?

Considering that both stained and painted cabinets have attractive features, anyone can find it hard to choose between stained and painted cabinetries. However, comparing the translucent and opaque outlook of stained and painted cabinets respectively, stained cabinet varieties come out as the most attractive.

Moreover, stained kitchen cabinets have a longer lifespan and are more resistant to impacts and scratches than painted cupboards. In terms of pricing, painted cabinets are more expensive than stained ones by almost 15%. Hence, we can confidently conclude that stained cabinets are much better than their painted counterparts.

Tips on How to Find Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Knowing your ideal cabinet design can be as easy as ABCD yet finding that design can be as hard as a rock. Fortunately, unlike other types of cabinets, stained cabinets are easy to find. However, despite the ease of accessing them, you need to know some tips if you want the best-stained cabinetry designs.

Here are the tips that will help you choose stained cabinets that can fit splendidly in your scullery.

  1. Consider the Cabinet Material

As I have already mentioned, stains work well on cabinetries made of raw wood and not artificial materials like fibreboard. Hence, cabinetry material is one thing you must consider when searching for high-quality stained kitchen cabinets.

  1. Consider the Costs

Unless you are excessively wealthy, you must take the cost of purchase or staining into consideration when choosing stained cabinets. Stains, just like cabinets, are sold at different prices depending on their levels of quality.

  • Consider Quality

As global interior design continues to develop, contrabands are swiftly finding their way into the interior design market. Hence, you should always be keen enough to spend your money on something that ranks well in quality, whether it’s stain or cabinets.


The popularity of stained kitchen cabinets cannot be doubted for these drawers have the most visually attractive properties. Apart from this, stained cabinetries are easy to work with and are impressively durable.