After We Collided

“After We Collided”- What’s in store?

“After We, Collided” is the much-awaited sequel to the American teen romantic drama “After”. Released in the year 2019, “After” was a box office success earning about $69 million upon its release. Jenny Gage directed this movie, which was based on the adult fiction book written by Anna Todd.

The movie “After” was about the strained romantic relationship between Tessa and Hardin. Though Tessa loves him very much, she finds him to be non-committal and distant at times. The prequel focused on Tessa and Hardin’s strained yet passionate relationship, their break-up, and the reconciliation attempts.

“After We, Collided” is again based on Anna Todd’s book of the same name. Roger Kumble’s directorial sequel has Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Tessa Young and Josephine Langford as Hardin Scott.

It will also have Dylan Sprouse as Trevor Matthews- Tessa’s colleague. The shooting was completed in September 2019 and the movie was expected to be released in May 2020. However, due to the COVID19 pandemic, the release had to be postponed.

When can we expect the release?

Although the movie halls remain closed worldwide, “After We Collide” is slated to release in October 2020. After its release, the movie is will be streamed on Netflix platform, just like its prequel. It is expected to be available on the streaming platform by March 2021. Whether it will be a direct Netflix release is something that we will have to wait and see depending upon the COVID19 situation.

“After We Collided”- Who is in it?

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin will be back as Tessa and Hardin. The lovers will reunite on screen this time with a new set of challenges. One of them being Trevor, Tessa’s colleague. The fact that Hardin doesn’t see Trevor eye to eye makes it all the more interesting.

Selma Blair, Shane Paul McGhie, Pia Mia, Inanna Sarkis, and Dylan Arnold will appear once again as Carol Young, Landon Gibson, Tristan, Molly Samuels, and Noah Porter respectively.

Candice King is cast as Kimberly Vance while Charlie Weber plays Christian Vance.

The other members of the cast are given below:


“After We Collided”- What’s the plot?

Though based on Anna Todd’s book, the movie adaptation is slightly different from the book. Hardin has some hidden secrets and the revelations might strain their relationship once again. Tessa is already not happy that Hardin remains distant at times.

She isn’t quite sure if Hardin is sincere. At the same time, she doesn’t find it easy to part ways with him, as the times they spent together are too good to be missed. It is to this troubling situation that an uninvited guest barges in. As if their problems are not enough, the equation between Trevor and Hardin becomes yet another reason for Tessa to get worried.

When Tessa joins Vance Publishing as an intern, she is excited. She is ready to move to the next phase of her life. Her apprehensions about Hardin remain, and she remains cautious. She isn’t ready to face yet another breakup. Broken promises are not something that she can live with.

On the other hand, Hardin realizes his mistake and he wants to compensate for it. At the office, Tessa’s smart, handsome colleague Trevor tries to get close to her.

From the trailer and the book, all we know is that “After We, Collided” will again be yet another delight for the numerous “After” fans. The steamy trailer has only increased the expectations.

 The Crew

“After We, Collided” is a joint production by Offspring Entertainment, CalMaple Media, Frayed Pages Entertainment, and Wattpad. The movie distribution rights are with Voltage Pictures.

Anna Todd, who wrote the book from which the movie is adapted, co-wrote the screenplay along with Mario Celaya. Justin Burnett is the music director. Larry Reibman wielded the camera while the editing was done by Anita Brandt-Burgoyne.

“After We, Collided”- Quotes from the book

  • “Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same”
  • “Just because he can’t love you the way you want him to doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you with everything he has”
  • “You aren’t some conquest of mine- you’re everything to me! You’re my breath, my pain, my heart, my life!”
  • “Is love always like this? Is it always so passionate, yet so damn painful?”
  • “It’s dark meets light; it’s chaotic perfection; it’s everything I fear, wand, and need”
  • “Sometimes you just have to choose to let things go, to move on”
  • “What hurts the most? Rejection..”
  • “The blond-haired girl in the long skirts who obsessively makes long to-do lists crept her way inside of me until, slowly, I fell for her so hard that I couldn’t believe it”