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Amazon: The 14 Leadership Principles That Drive Its Success

Leaders are crucial to the success not just to their teams, but to the company as a whole. Amazon’s success is not new to us, but we wonder how this company is so successful today. Employees indeed are the heart of every company as without them, the company will collapse. But, leaders are the minds and knowledge that will lead the entire company to reach their goals. So, in this post, we have curated the top leadership principles that have helped Amazon reach its success.

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Leaders know they are owners. They know how to think long-term and will not compromise deep-rooted values for temporary results. They work on behalf of their companies and not do not focus on their own team alone. Even if they are owners, they will not hear you say that it’s their job and will take over any task.

Customer Obsession

Successful leaders begin with their customers and work in reverse. They work so hard to earn their customers’ trust and keep them. Still, leaders are vigilant with their competitors but they value their customers more.

Invent and Make It Simple

They anticipate and need invention and innovation from their respective teams and will look for ways to simplify them. They are aware of external factors and will discover new ideas almost anywhere. Moreover, they will not limit the idea of a product or service that was invented in the company. Since they find new methods, most leaders understand that they may not be understood for a long time.

Be Curious and Learn

As effective leaders, they do not stop learning. They have great instincts and critical judgments. They always find ways to improve themselves and how they can be more effective for the company. They are curious and will entertain new possibilities, explore them, and find out if they are indeed helpful to the company.

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Leaders Are Usually Right

Since they have exceptional instincts and strong judgment, leaders are right almost all the time. They continue to learn and discover new approaches and will strive to confirm their assumptions.

Think Big

Thinking small-term approaches and goals are only self-fulfilling. Leaders develop and deliver resolute methods that inspire favorable results. They think differently and leave no stone unturned for effective ways to keep customers satisfied.

Hire the Best and Develop Them

Leaders enhance the performance level with every promotion and hire. They recognize those with great talents and skills and are willing to shift them through the company. Real leaders cultivate leaders and are serious in guiding others. They work on behalf of their people to come up with methods for progress and development.


This refers to accomplishing more goals with fewer resources. Pressure results in invention, resourcefulness, and self-sufficiency. Leaders believe that there are no added benefits for increasing headcount and budget size.

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Expect the Highest Standards

Leaders who are dedicated to their roles expect the highest standards at all times. They continue to raise the bar that some people may perceive it as unreasonably high. However, this approach drives employees to produce high-quality products, processes, and services. Leaders make sure that there are no defects transferred to the production line. They also make sure that problems are solved and that they remain solved.

Earn Trust

A good leader speaks and listens thoroughly and treat other employees with full respect. They are self-critical and may be vocal about it even when it is embarrassing or awkward. They are transparent and will measure themselves and their teams against competitors.

Bias for Action

In every business, time and speed are of the essence. A lot of actions and decisions are changeable and don’t require far-reaching research. With this considered, leaders focus on well-calculated risk-taking.

Have a Backbone

While leaders remain respectful, they challenge decisions in a proper way when they don’t agree with them. They do this even when it is exhausting or uncomfortable. They are tenacious and have strong principles. They do not put the business at stake just for social adherence. Once they reach a decision, they will put their 100% commitment to it.

Dive Deep

Effective leaders function at all levels, frequently audits, and stays informed with all data. They are cynical when narratives and metrics do not connect with each other.

Deliver Results

Successful leaders pay attention to key information for their company and will deliver them in the most effective manner. Even when there are setbacks, they know how to deal with it and if necessary, compromise.

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If you are a new leader, taking in all these principles may mean a lot of work. However, as you go through your role, you will learn them better one by one. Even people who have been leading a long time are still practicing to be more efficient in their roles. Hopefully, this post has inspired you to be a better person as a whole!