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American Bulldog V/S Pit-Bull | Breed Comparison And Differences

If you are not aware entirely of the American bulldog and pit-bull then getting confused will be common for you. These two breeds look so similar and moreover, the temperaments of these breeds are also quite the same. You will have to study both the breeds to actually know the difference between these two breeds.

Apart from the look and temperaments, these two breeds have some differences as well and you have to know about them. Knowing about the differences and similarities will help you select the best breed for your home so you should not skip this important part. Here we will know about them in detailed comparison between the American bulldog v/s pit-bull dog breed:

Are pit-bull and American bulldog the same breed?

Of course not, they might look alike but these two breeds are very different from each other. These two breeds have links with the old English bulldog family. The pit-bull is actually a crossbreed while the bulldog directly comes from the family of the English bulldog.

Pit-bull is crossed with the bulldog and terrier so that a way stronger breed can get into the field. It is done so that the bull bating could get encouraged which is a really sad thing and apart from that both the breeds are beautiful.

Some historic similarities of the American bulldog and the pit-bull:

  • These dogs are used in bull bating which is a very dangerous sport but now it is banned in most countries.
  • These two dogs have the origin of the English bulldog so you both even have the bull mentioned in their names.
  • These two dogs are amazing guard dogs are from ancient times; these dogs are used to guard and look after the farm.

Let us know some historic differences between the American bulldog and the pit-bull:

  • Pit-bull is a mixed breed dog while the American bulldog is a close breed of the original English bulldog.
  • The pit-bull was created when the dogfighting was very much entertained by the owners of the dogs while the American bulldog is a pure breed.
  • Pit-bull is still not considered by the America kennel club while the American bulldog is a major part of the AKC.
  • Pit-Bull

Let us know about the looks of both the American bulldog and the pit-bull:

American bulldog:

  • The American bulldog is a medium-sized dog that will grow up to the size of 25 inches in height.
  • Even though it is a medium-sized dog but it will still have a bodyweight of over 45 kg so they need good exercise daily.
  • This four-legged friend will stay with you for about 12 years and more if you will take the best care of this breed.
  • If you will touch the coat of the American bulldog then you will that their coat is very soft and stiff in some parts which are great for sure.
  • You will get the American bulldog in just white color with some huge brindle patches and this looks great. This breed has very short hairs so you don’t actually have to face the issue of too much shedding of fur which is just so amazing.


  • This dog is not very intelligent rather it is like a baby all the time so you have to train this breed really well. The training of the American bulldog should start at a very early age so that they can practice the tricks without any such difficulties.
  • This breed tends to get fat very easily so you have to make them exercise on a daily basis.
  • If you always thought that this breed is not friendly at all then you might not know this breed because this breed is too good with people and even kids.
  • The energy level of this breed is medium so it will be easy for you to control the American bulldog. This breed will not even bark that much which is a plus point if you live in an apartment.
  • There would be some common health issues of this breed but a good diet and care can always keep this breed healthy.

Pit-bull breed:

  • This breed grows up to a medium height of about 21 inches which makes it a medium-sized dog breed.
  • This dog breed is not heavy at all as it will have a maximum weight of about 30 kg.
  • The pit-bull will live up for about 14 years and more if you will take good care of this breed.
  • The coat of the pit-bull is quite smooth and the glossiness over their coat will amaze you for sure. This breed will not shed that much as they have really small hairs. You can literally get the pit-bull in a huge number of colors which is great so you can select the one you like.


  • The intelligence level of this dog is quite high so if you will train this dog in a good way then they will respond to your training in a very positive way. Pit-bulls are stubborn so you have to start the training at a very early age so that you can teach this breed the necessary things at least.
  • This breed needs heavy exercise to maintain the muscular body structure. If you will not give enough exercise sessions to this dog breed then it can fall sick very easily.
  • This dog is very friendly if you know how to behave with dogs but you still have to be careful while you have strangers around. This breed is even good with kids but it will need a lot of training before you leave your kid with this breed.
  • The energy level of the pit-bull is quite high so you should have it only if you can take this breed out in a huge field thrice daily.
  • This breed will not bark that much which is a good thing if you live in an apartment.
  • This breed doesn’t catch too many health issues but skin infection can be real for them and hip-dysplasia is also an issue.

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