Angry Birds 3

Angry Birds 3: Everything You Need to Know

The Movie

A fun movie to watch for ages seven years old and above. The advancement of modern technology and its approach to films make fantasy or cartoon movies more detailed and realistic.

The Angry Birds movie is a 3D film that is packed with high visual animation while at the same time, is filled with a story and a message. 

Its film creation was based on the popular game “Angry Birds”. It already has a first and second movie that has been made and released since 2016.

The movie has caught much attention and became popular, and many are expecting to see more of their flightless birds for a third movie of the franchise.  

Since the second movie was a definite sequel of the first movie, it is expected that the third movie will continue the story from the second movie, and pick up where it was left.

No expectations for a twist in the storyline, rather than following the original concept of the film that is the hostile relationship of the birds and the pigs and how they try to get along together to face an external threat. 

Here are some things you need to know of the upcoming Angry Birds 3. 

The Plot

The Angry Birds 3, will continue the story from its second movie. Knowing what to expect in the future film, it is best to familiarize the given plot or the prequel. 


The second movie is the story of birds and pigs in their escalating warfare while the pig island is still on rebuilding. The battle was placed on hold as they faced a common enemy named ‘Zeta’ from eagle island, who is trying to conquer both the bird island and the pig island.

To face Zeta, the birds and pigs came to terms to work together, defeating Zeta’s army and stopping his plan through old -fashioned teamwork. 

As the second movie comes to an end, there are several details and lines that are placed to tell the viewers that there will be an upcoming or third movie.

To follow the details, you can see that Red always put himself first above others as he always ambitions to become the hero and see himself that way, but, as they defeated Zeta, he gave the credits and acknowledgment to Silver and the Team for saving the island.

To his surprise, he became more popular because of that selfless action. We can expect in the third movie that there will be changes in Red’s personality as well as his relationship with Silver, which most probably will be highlighted. 

We can also consider the role played by The Mighty Eagle family will not stop at the second movie. It can be observed in the second movie that the Eagle’s story was carefully plotted together with its characters and roles.

At the end of the second movie, we saw Zeta and Ethan are getting married, and in the future film, their family would play an important role. 

Finally, there was a nice side plot at the end of the second movie, where the eggs are hatching. This shows that we can expect new characters in the upcoming film.

Many are also interested in a twist in the story where the python will come back for her kids and would contribute to the story. 

Movie Cast

Like many other movie series, it would be disappointing to see changes of actors in a single character role.

They will most likely retain the main characters and cast members such as Jason Sudeikis playing the character of Red, Josh Gad as Chuck, Maya Rudolph playing Matilda, Danny McBride as Bomb, Peter Dinklage as the famous Ethan and Bill Hader as the voice of King Leonard Mudbeard.

We can also expect the new characters and actors in the second movie, should they have a role in the third movie, retain their part. 

For the new characters and actors of the third movie, it would be a new casting. Nevertheless, everyone is expecting a fun, thrilling story and animation for the upcoming film.

Movie Crew

Looking at the production of the first and second movies. The production crew of the second film was changed from the first movie.

It is safe to say that there is no assurance that the second film crew will still be the same in the third movie. This will also depend on the franchise of the upcoming movie. 

Release Date

Following the release of the first movie that was in 2016 and the second movie is in 2019, the third movie will most likely be released in 2022. 

Movie Trailer

As of the moment, there has been no exact information on the release date of the third movie, thus there are no trailers, yet.