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Remembering Anna Lillian Iversen: A Tribute to Priscilla Presley’s Mother

A Heartfelt Farewell

On August 2, 2021, the world bid a final farewell to Anna Lillian Iversen, the beloved mother of actress Priscilla Presley. At the age of 95, Anna Lillian Iversen’s passing marked the end of a remarkable journey, leaving behind a legacy of love and family bonds that will forever endure.

In an emotional Instagram post, Priscilla Presley shared the heart-wrenching news with her followers, expressing her profound grief at the loss of her mother. Alongside a touching photograph of her matriarch, Priscilla wrote, “I am heartbroken. My beautiful mother passed today.” She went on to describe Anna Lillian Iversen as “the light of our lives,” a testament to the deep affection and admiration she held for her mother.

A Family Matriarch

Anna Lillian Iversen leaves behind a lasting impact not only as a mother but also as a grandmother and great-grandmother. Her family tree branches out with love and generations of cherished relationships. Anna Lillian Iversen’s children include Priscilla Presley, Michelle Beaulieu, Timothy Beaulieu, Donald Beaulieu, and Thomas Beaulieu. Her legacy extends further through her grandchildren, including the renowned Lisa Marie Presley, Navarone Garibaldi, Kash Hovey, and Nevada Hovey. Among her great-grandchildren are Riley Keough and Benjamin Keough.

A Time of Loss and Grief

Anna Lillian Iversen’s passing comes amidst a backdrop of sorrow for the Presley family. Just one year prior to her passing, they suffered the tragic loss of Benjamin Keough, Priscilla’s grandson and Anna’s great-grandson. Benjamin’s untimely death by suicide in July 2020 cast a shadow of grief that continues to loom over the family.

Priscilla Presley, in the wake of Benjamin’s passing, openly shared her devastation and the profound pain it inflicted on her family. The loss of her grandson was described as “devastating,” and it marked one of the darkest chapters in their lives.

Riley Keough, Anna Lillian Iversen’s great-granddaughter and Benjamin’s sister, also paid tribute to her late brother on the anniversary of his death. In a heartfelt Instagram post, she conveyed her deep longing and grief, emphasizing how much she misses him every day.

A Complex Journey Through Grief

For the Presley family, navigating the complex terrain of grief has become an unavoidable reality. The loss of both a matriarch and a beloved young family member has left them grappling with profound emotions. Riley Keough, in a recent interview, shed light on the immense challenges and complexities they face as they continue to process Benjamin’s suicide.

Anna Lillian Iversen’s passing serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the enduring bonds that connect generations of a family. Through the joys and sorrows they share, the Presley family remains united in their love for one another, finding strength in the memories of their cherished matriarch and the everlasting legacy she leaves behind.