Office Jewellery Styling

Appropriate Office Jewellery Styling Tips to Know

Over 50% of companies and organizations have a well-cultivated dressing policy that every employee is expected to adhere to. These policies stem back to medieval times, mostly affecting women’s jewelry selections. Unlike their male counterparts, ladies have unlimited dressing options which can be blended with various stylish jewelry to unleash their hidden beauty.

Though today’s workplace has loosened the traditional grip on dressing policy, there are certainly some boundaries that define it. As a hardworking, visionary, and dedicated woman, does your wardrobe matches your work-oriented personality? Here are some hints to help you style your official wears with stunning jewels.

Understand your field

As much as there are countless fields, women can perch their professional nests on, wearing jewelry may not follow the same suit. Some professions have geometrically drawn dressing guidelines ladies are expected to follow.

Ladies in the finance and banking industry are required to keep it low with jewelry and refrain from large dangling necklaces; instead, use simple diamond studs and small earrings. But you can modify your wear as long as you aren’t conflicting with your employer’s policies.

In contrast, those women working in the IT sector are not limited to what to wear. Some companies even encourage them to create their own fashion designs since IT is all about designing programs. Also, if you are self-employed in the fashion industry, I believe nothing can limit you from wearing minute studs to dangling bangles.

Appropriate Office Jewellery Styling Tips to Know

Keep it quiet

Workplace environments are usually quiet so when purchasing any jewelry, consider this factor. Whether it’s a large ‘bling bling’ that adds an immortal value to your fashion or big bangles banging on each other, know your office should not be the source of noises.

Stacking bracelets is an enviable fashion approach but don’t go on wearing ‘musical instruments’ such that each time you move your hand or head, a symphony is created! Of course, you can wear several bangles but choose those which are made from leather or ivory since they don’t produce a lot of noise when knocking on each other.

Cuffs are the best

Cufflinks were originally designed in the 17th century to be worn by men, but women eventually cough up with them. Today, it is impossible crossing the entire city block without spotting a lady in office attire wearing cuffs. Cuffs come in various sizes, so they enjoy popularity among the working class. I did not mention they are also adjustable and available in unlimited colors and materials such as gold.

The wide width of cuffs creates an illusion of wearing many jewels, but the fact they produce little noise when worn is enough to make you fall in love with them.

Keep it cool and simple.

Keeping cool with fashion is difficult; nevertheless, if you are unsure of which jewelry to put on with your black suit, keep your style mowed. The mood of the day will always tell you what to wear to spark unlimited compliments or attractions.

If you are in a fashion fix, go for small earrings; they are pretty and will keep you out of fashion opinion’s way. Though they might still attract the eyes of sensitive co-workers, earrings help you feel smartly worn without affecting the business at hand.

Vintage works perfectly with a modern-day work environment.

Women and jewelry go synonymous with each other. Indulging precious stones to compliment your outfit comes out perfectly when using vintage designs. Vintage cuts like gold photo lockets might be expensive but are truly gorgeous.

The best thing about vintage jewelry is that you will always have a story to tell someone about what you are wearing. Additionally, even if you don’t know anything about them, you might as well shift your attention to other matters and spark an interesting debate. On the flip side, vintage jewelry is a relic you will keep in remembrance of your job at a certain company or firm.

Let your colleagues be your fashion advisors.

The best person to ask for fashion views is your colleagues. They will openly express their views on certain pieces of jewelry, and you can learn from them. Your workmates, especially those who have served the company for decades, have rich knowledge concerning dressing codes, so they are good mentors in this field.

Nonetheless, if you feel uncomfortable hearing from your colleagues, then observe and learn from them. Well, learning might be a bit complicated but listen to what your inner voice is speaking. This will help you pull confidence in what you are wearing, subsequently improving your productivity.

Having a jewelry calendar that coincides with your job policies is a great deal in your professional life. The bottom line is; keep it cool, avoid attracting attention, and diversify your tastes from vintage jewelry to modern cuffs.