Aquatic Performance Training

Aquatic Performance Training – What you Need to Know

Working out in water brings with it many benefits; the additional resistance builds and tones muscles without putting too much pressure on the joints. Aquatics is a relatively new thing that professional athletes have been using for a few years already and if you would like to learn more about this exciting pursuit, please read on.

Aquatic training

The series of exercises are carried out in water that is chest high and the exercises are specifically designed to work all major muscle groups and each class is led by a certified aquatic trainer, a fitness professional who guides you through the program. If you live in or near Munroe, check out a leading aqua training center where you can join a diverse range of classes run by fitness professionals.

Strength & cardio

If you are looking to improve on strength and cardio, this is the program for you; why not pay them a visit one early evening? Then you can see the classes and talk to the fitness professionals about the range of classes and programs to find one that is suitable.

Cycle mix

This is a class that combines cycling with water that creates additional resistance; during the class you work on and off the bike, focusing on hips, core strength for both upper and lower body. The bikes are designed for underwater work and with a combination of on and off bike exercises, you get a comprehensive upper and lower body workout.

Aqua work for weight loss

There is a great class for weight loss that really does deliver results; overseen by fitness professionals, the class targets those difficult to shift areas of the body where stubborn fat tends to accumulate. Many people have found success with this method when all other methods have failed; if you would like to learn more about aqua work for weight loss, search the web for aqua performance training in your part of the US.

Classes or one on one training

You can choose between a class or one on one instruction from certified fitness professionals; the first thing to do is locate an aqua performance training center, then you can pay them a visit and see for yourself how aqua training works.