Are Bordoodle’s Best for Active People?

The dog we will be discussing in this article is a combination of a Poodle with a Border Collie. These breeds are the smartest dogs around the world, so you know you’re getting a very intelligent dog! However, is this dog right for your household?

These dogs are energetic, fun, picky eaters that require proper care and plenty of mental and physical stimulation. They dislike being left by themselves for long periods of time. If you’re searching for a teddy bear lookalike, who’s also smart, search no further than this breed.

So, what dog are we talking about? Well, the Bordoodle, of course! However, he does not only have brains and beauty; he additionally brings cuddles, entertainment, and fun to your daily life. What more might anyone want? Well, there’s much more to Bordoodles than just that. So, let us look into what else these dogs offer, and most importantly, if you have what it’ll take to be a Bordoodle owner.

Because it’s a mixed dog breed, he’ll inherit traits from both parents. Even though it may sound obvious, a lot of owners get mixed breeds in the hopes that they’ll turn out like one of the parents. However, that’s not really how it works. The thing is that you must like both parents. So, let us learn a bit more about both breeds.

Are Bordoodle's Best for Active People

The Border Collie

Border Collie’s are among the best herding breeds around the world, and they’re from Scotland. Border Collies are workaholics, and they either need jobs as ranch herders, or they need to be owned by a family who can provide him intense mental stimulation and exercise.

Time after time, he’s additionally ranked as the smartest breed of dog in the world. With that comes responsibility, in that you must give him the mental stimulation and exercise to keep his intelligent brain satisfied. He suits all families, yet you may find him attempting to herd smaller animals or young children in the home.

A Border Collie is affectionate with his family. He enjoys a good nightly snuggle in front of the fireplace with the ones he’s closest to. He’s a sensitive breed who likes the company of his own human pack instead of living with sociable families who are continually welcoming strangers and friends over.

The Poodle Breed

Poodles are duck hunters from Germany. But they’re additionally the national breed of France because of their frolicky nature and gorgeous pompon haircuts. However, there’s more to poodles than their looks, because they also have the brains. Poodles are another intelligent breed that routinely tops the lists of smart dog breeds.

He’s a working breed of dog who additionally has lots of energy, and he routinely forgets to turn that off at home. He’s fearless and fun and offers lots of entertainment for his loved ones. Only after a day filled with fun will he settle down for the night.

His coat is hypoallergenic, and it sheds a lot less than additional breeds. It’s for that reason why he’s selected as a mixer for hybrids. Poodles have three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. They have a vast size difference, as are their differences in personality and energy.

The Bordoodle Breed

Because of both parents, they possess the beauty and the brains. The appearance and personality of mixed breeds are never a given; however, this breed typically takes the best of both parents. He’s the whole package; therefore, let us discover if he’s the dog for your family.

Bordoodle Dog Temperament

A bordoodle is gentle and loving dog in terms of family time. Bordoodles like to cuddle with their family. And with a fluffy coat, he’ll make an excellent doggy hot water bottle. They do not have a favorite member of the family, yet just like whoever is okay with giving them the most attention.

He has a ton of energy that must have an outlet. Or else, he may take it out on your sofa. Therefore, besides his exercise time, he has to have a family that is able to play with him all through the day. If you have always envisioned having a pet who likes to fetch sticks, this one might be your best bet.

Living Conditions and Exercise

This breed is an energetic pup requiring a minimum of 45 minutes of exercise on a daily basis. But this might be up to one hour, considering that both dog parents are working dogs. Whatever amount of exercise he needs, you should expect that it ought to be intense enough to burn his energy off. A leisurely walk around the neighborhood won’t do with this breed.

Besides the exercise, he requires the same amount of playtime to keep his brain stimulated. If he gets bored, he will become unruly and destructive. Destructive behavior for this type of dog means losing his obedient streak and attempting to herd kids and other animals inside the home.

In terms of his living conditions, he prefers to live inside a house that has a yard. Smart dogs become restless being trapped inside the house all day. It is doubtful that he’ll be satisfied living inside a tiny apartment either.

He’ll happily live with small kids in the house, and you will likely discover that he grows fond of the younger people in your household. Be mindful that he does not attempt to herd them because that can be intimidating and annoying for younger ones. He also may try his luck with the other animals in the household, as well, which might wind up fighting.

If you see any herding characteristics inside the home, he’s probably bored. Therefore, take that as a sign that you should take him out a bit more.

His outstanding manner makes him an amazing family pet for the majority of families, and he may live with both small kids and other pets, as well. You cannot go wrong with this breed, and all he requires is exercise, good company, and a lot of love. However, with a beautiful face, why would anyone resist?