Avast vs. Malwarebytes

Avast vs. Malwarebytes: Which is a Better Antivirus

The advancement of technology has brought us the luxury to make our tasks easier, more convenient, and time-saving. For more than two millennia, technological advancement has paved the way for an easy, convenient way of life. 

Since the discovery of fire, down to the use of stones, the molding of metals, and just until the birth of the silicon valley from the early 1950s-1960s, the development of enhanced tools and gadgets made our lives easier. 

The making of electronic gadgets hit the benchmark in terms of communication and message relay at the very minimum.

With the use of the computer and mobile phones added with a fast internet connection, it is easier to reach out to someone a thousand miles away in just a split of a millisecond than having to wait for a few days up to several months. 

However, albeit this accessible and convenient way of information access, the issue of system breach and hack is now a problem.

The Digital Age

Much confidential information can be used against someone and has become a threat to the security and privacy of an individual. Ergo, the use of antivirus software on electronic gadgets is now a top priority. 

Having said that, many antivirus software companies stormed the market for the sole purpose of data breach prevention and security protection. 

Now, we’ll talk about two of the best antivirus software in the market: Avast and Malwarebytes, and find out the pro’s and con’s between the two. 

First, let’s take a look at Avast


Famed for its easy access and free download service, this antivirus system upholds its mantra for everyone’s right to be safe online for millions of people worldwide. 


With the use of their antivirus system, Avast offers maximum protection for PC, Mac, and iOs devices which made them last year’s one of the top-rated products. 

In line with their advocacy to create a safer online world, Avast protects your privacy with premium security on their Virtual Private Network (VPN) that safeguards your privacy and confidentiality.

Hence, this antivirus system is not only limited to personal computers, but also mobile phones and tablets. 

They also offer premium software protection on select custom features for your PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad devices for only ₱1,590/year. Tailored for single and multi-device protection of up to 10 devices, Avast gives you the guarantee for a 30-day money guarantee period if you are unsatisfied. 

Added to its affordable premium offer, Avast has designed security protection against online threats such as spoofed websites and ransomware. Not only that it will protect you against physical threats, but also for safe online banking and shopping transactions. 

With the use of spoofed (fake) online websites, Avast ensures that you will be protected against this oldest hacking trick on the book. This antivirus software scans websites for malicious and unwanted items that could be used to access your personal information. 

Avast also gives you guaranteed protection against remote access which has been one of the most common system hacks in the online world. 

May it be in personal computers, mobile gadgets, or tablets, Avast offers guaranteed maximum protection at the lowest possible price with their premium offer, or even with their limited basic free protection. 

On the other hand, an antivirus software trusted by top-leading companies and millions of people worldwide that famed itself for solving cyber threats which others can’t is also the talk of the town around the online world, Malwarebytes.


Malwarebytes which offer cybersecurity that crushes what others don’t give you maximum personal and business protection against software hacks. 


Trusted by top-leading online reviews like CNET, Tech Radar, and Tom’s Guide, it has been featured in several online ranking sites as one of the most recommended and excellent business software for 2020.

Founded back in 2004 by Marcin Kleczynski, Malwarebytes was developed after a malware attack that took him 3 days to solve the breach.

Since then, the team has always looked forward to any possible system breach and continued to innovate an antivirus system that would be impregnable for any attacks. 

This antivirus software proved its capability for system protection against malware attacks and is trusted with more than 247k downloads a day, more than 8M threats detection, and more than 200M malware scan every day worldwide. 

For only US$3.33/month billed annually for 1 premium device or US$6.67/month billed annually for 5 premium devices, Malwarebytes gives you an offer for real-time threat prevention, ransomware destruction, harmful sites protection, and malware cleanup and detection for windows, iOs, and Android devices. 

They also have an offer for Premium + Privacy protection for 5 devices that offers the same services with the 5-device premium protection benefits with added online privacy protection, wi-fi encryption protection, private virtual IP address, and geolocation for windows and iOs devices for only US$8.33/month, still billed annually. 

With an outstanding 100% satisfaction with a 60-day money-back guarantee, Malwarebytes ensures with the confidence of cybersecurity that crushes what others don’t, giving you maximum protection for both personal and business use against software attacks. 


To wrap it up, the advancement in technology has truly made our lives more convenient but gives us the risk of getting access to our personal information through online software attacks.

Nonetheless, many companies have developed antivirus software to protect us against these attacks. However, we must be keen to scan through that antivirus software and choose the best who will suit our needs.

We must always take into consideration the amount of protection one could offer, in a free, if not, minimum value while ensuring our protection and privacy against online hacks and threats. 

With this, we give you a window to two of the best antivirus software in the market, ones that will give you the satisfaction of renowned global ratings in terms of online software protection and malware attacks that will keep you from any forms of breach of privacy and safety.

May it be by means of Avast or Malwarebytes, the important thing to ponder is that both antivirus software offers the best protection for your system.

Either way, there’s always nothing to lose.