AWS penetration testing

AWS penetration testing: everything you need to know

Since its launch in 2006, AWS has been the king of the cloud market. AWS has a global market share of 33.8%, which is far more than any of its competitors. Its success is attributed to its reliability and high scalability. In fact, you can say that AWS outperforms its competitors.

AWS penetration testing is the answer. Penetration testing can identify all vulnerabilities on AWS instances. However, this process is different from traditional penetration testing. After the penetration test, you can debug the aws test instance and take other measures to enhance security.

AWS penetration testing and traditional penetration testing

AWS penetration testing is different from traditional penetration testing. This is because AWS has a very different architecture and elastic computing platform that can be easily expanded and deployed.

AWS provides security through three basic pillars; its architecture, active monitoring, and compliance with AWS security standards. A large part of the AWS cloud is based on an elastic computing platform. This means that each instance has enough capacity to handle any traffic peaks without affecting the performance of the server. The AWS cloud is inherently scalable. In addition, compared to traditional servers, AWS servers can be deployed quickly.

Types of AWS penetration testing

Source: Cloud Management Insider

  1. Cloud of the Security

This is some good news, and this is the part you don’t have to worry about. The security of the cloud is the responsibility of the cloud service provider, in this case, it is the responsibility of Amazon. This mainly includes the security of the server. They also deal with zero-day attack prevention and logic flaws.

  1. Cloud in the Security

This is where you and your team come into play. You are responsible for overseeing the security of the AWS assets you use. You must also ensure the security of any web applications or software deployed by the company and shop now.

How to perform AWS penetration testing?

When conducting penetration testing, you need to focus on 3 main areas. they are:

  • Cloud’s internal infrastructure
  • The web application/software you deploy
  • AWS configuration review

Final thoughts

For any company that uses the Amazon Web online Services platform, it is vital to regularly check its system for vulnerabilities, because these vulnerabilities are not always obvious and can lead to serious security breaches. The benefits of such penetration testing include enhanced protection against cyber attacks, understanding how your defenses work in practice, and greater confidence that you are doing everything possible to protect your data from external threats.

Remember, don’t wait until bad things happen before you start thinking about security. Your data is valuable, take care of it now!