Become a Digital Nomad and See the World

Become a Digital Nomad and See the World

If you feel you are sliding into an unhealthy routine and would like to make some serious changes in your life, you might have come to the right place, as we offer invaluable information on how to make a living while on the move.

What is a digital nomad?

The word nomad means wanderer and when you make your money on the Internet, you can pretty much live where you like.

Top nomad destinations include;

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Costa Rica
  • Bali
  • Goa, India

Thailand is top of the list due to its amazing IT infrastructure, which is both reliable and affordable. Southeast Asia is the top region, especially during the European and American winters.

Sectors that digital nomads work in

A digital nomad could be any of the following:

  • Designer
  • Coding, software engineer
  • Healthcare
  • Personal fitness & well-being
  • Legal
  • Civil engineering
  • Online trading – Use a platform like MT5 for the best features.
  • Writer/content creator/blogger
  • E-commerce
  • Counselling/consulting

If you can deliver a service online, there’s nothing to stop you from going freelance; register with your government, take out some public liability and you are good to go.

Major benefits of living the nomad lifestyle

There are many and they include:

  • Escape the cold winter
  • Cheap cost of living
  • Tax advantages

Many online workers fly to Southeast Asia in October or November and stay until April or May to escape the freezing weather and who can blame them? You could travel to Southeast Asia for a year or 18 months and manage your business at the same time. Have a laptop, will travel!

Downsides of the digital nomad lifestyle

The main downside would be visas, some countries make it easy while others don’t. Long-term stays might be an issue but you can always move on and return later in the year. There are at least half a dozen nomad destination nations in the region, so you can spend as long as you like exploring a tropical paradise. The other downside is that you are limited to the countries you can stay, they must have stable Internet and some third-world nations have yet to reach that stage of development. At a pinch, you could live remotely and head to a city once a week to upload your work.

Spend the summer at home

The majority of digital nomads spend the summer months at home and the rest of the year is up for grabs. If you find your idea of paradise, why travel further? Some entrepreneurs register their business in their favourite country and stay there indefinitely, which offers many pluses.

If reading this has got you excited, take the next step and start thinking about ways that you can market your skills in a virtual environment. It might be best to stay with your full-time job, at least until you are sure that you are making enough money.

Travelling the world can now be a reality rather than a dream and once you have tasted the freedom and independence that remote working offers, there’s no going back!