Beer Making Kits You Should Try in 2023

Beer Making Kits You Should Try in 2023

If you want to start brewing – buy a beer making kit. With it you can easily brew delicious beer at home.

You have only to decide which beer kit is best to buy and which flavors are now the most popular.

Read our article to know more about it.

Best Beer Brewing Starter Kits 2023

Beer making kit is an ideal option for beginners who are just starting their way in homebrewing.

As a rule, such a kit includes:

  • Yeast
  • Can of malt extract
  • Primary fermenter
  • Bottling bucket
  • Carbonation drops
  • Rubber stopper
  • 2-gallon barrel
  • Aerometer
  • Complete pipe
  • No-rinse cleanser
  • Brewing thermometer
  • Bottles with lids
  • Instructions and recipes for different types of beer

There is also beer fashion: some tastes are only gaining popularity, others are quickly forgotten, and only the best ones become classics, which is always in demand. Today, the most popular brands are Mr Beer and Brooklyn Beer Shop.

Mr Beer offers the following products:

  1. Northwest Pale Ale — light American ale with fresh flavor.
  2. Oktoberfest Lager — an amber-colored drink with a bright caramel flavor.
  3. Classic American Light — is a great option for those who prefer soft light beer.
  4. St. Patrick’s Irish Stout — dark stout with coffee and chocolate aftertaste.
  5. American Lager — golden color lager, which is famous for its balanced malt taste and mild bitterness.

Brooklyn Beer Shop offers the following popular beer making kits for beginners:

  1. Afternoon Wheat Beer is the perfect solution for enthusiasts of light wheat beer with a floral aroma.
  2. Oatmeal Stout – dark stout, with rich flavor of coffee, roasted nuts and chocolate.
  3. BrewDog Elvis Juice Beer is a great choice for beer lovers with strong citrus notes.
  4. Cascade Single Hop IPA Beer is another wonderful drink with a citrus flavor.
  5. Warrior Double IPA Beer – For those who prefer beer with a touch of bitterness.

You can buy all these beer making kits in the Beverage Craft online store Here you will find a large selection of everything you need for home brewing, so you can try all the most popular beers in 2023!