physiotherapy for elderly

Benefits of physiotherapy for elderly

As we get older, we start losing much of the vigor and energy we had in our earlier years. Depending on your diet, lifestyle, and genetics, you may begin experiencing several physiological changes as you age. One of the most pressing issues that older adults often face is chronic pain.

Our limbs begin to lose their synovial fluid as we age. At the same time, we experience aches and pain, especially in the joint areas. This pain can keep us from maintaining regular exercise, which only exacerbates the symptoms further. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no solutions to this issue.

When we think of solutions to aging-related problems, our mind often wanders to invasive, painful treatments that require a prolonged recovery time. However, there may be a much less invasive yet incredibly effective treatment the elderly can benefit from. Regular physio treatment from infinite health north sydney comes with a host of health benefits, and below, we’ll discuss some of them in detail.

Benefits of physiotherapy for elderly

Reduces pain from chronic conditions

As we age, joint pain isn’t the only issue we are more susceptible to face. Instead, there are a variety of health-related problems that can come increasingly if left unattended. The elderly can suffer from various issues that significantly impact their quality of life and limit their mobility. These can include osteoporosis, arthritis, muscle tears, and more.

Physiotherapists can get to the root of the problem, rather than just focusing on removing the pain with medication. They can identify which areas are the most affected and deal with them in a non-invasive way. With a physiotherapist, you can get long-lasting relief from a variety of muscle-related chronic illnesses. With time, physiotherapy can help you feel better than ever before and restore vitality to your life.

Faster post-op recovery

Although physiotherapy can help in considerably controlling your symptoms and pain, sometimes PRP treatment in Singapore is necessary. Orthopedic surgery can often be incredibly invasive and can have a long recovery time. When it comes to PRP and PRFM technology, Selphyl is the name you can trust.

It is often challenging for even trained athletes and younger individuals to make a fast recovery after such surgery. The situation is different for the elderly. However, physiotherapy post-op can help you regain greater mobility, experience lesser pain, and prevent disruptive healing.

You can generally divide physiotherapy post-op into three distinct phases. In the early recovery phase, your physiotherapist can help you deal with swelling, pain, and reduced mobility directly after surgery. Older people are much more susceptible to having complications post-op.

In the early recovery phase, the physiotherapist helps ensure that all your tissues can heal perfectly. Then, they work on rebuilding strength in the affected area, and finally, restoring functional use. Without a physiotherapist, it can be next to impossible for older adults to make a full recovery following surgery. However, physiotherapists can ensure they can live life as per usual.

Safe exercise

One of the prime benefits of physiotherapy for the elderly is that it allows them to exercise safely. While exercising at any age is essential, it is increasingly more so as we age. Without regular use, our joints and muscles can start losing their strength and mobility. Furthermore, lack of physical activity can lead to decreased stamina and agility and puts us at a higher risk of developing various diseases.

However, many elderly patients often skip working out because they feel they’ll injure themselves. However, a physiotherapist can work their muscles and keep their body active and fit without worrying about injuries. There are numerous benefits of working out with a physiotherapist as we age. When we strengthen our bodies, we can have a reduced risk of falling and injuring ourselves. Furthermore, regular exercise can prevent the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and various other diseases.

Maintaining independence

As we age, we find that we’re no longer able to carry out tasks that would have previously been easier. For example, it might be hard for you to walk, carry even lighter weights, garden, cook, or use the bathroom without assistance as your body starts to age. Relying on your children or other caretakers to perform such rudimentary tasks can make anyone feel like a burden and can be an incredibly alienating feeling.

However, regular physiotherapy can help you maintain a high degree of independence in your life, despite your age. Physiotherapists can help create a tailored program that focuses on assisting clients to reach specific functional goals. Attaining these goals can help you carry out day-to-day tasks with greater efficiency without needing any additional help. Furthermore, physiotherapy can help the elderly have greater strength and agility for a much more extended period.


At times, aging can be an incredibly alienating process as we find ourselves unable to live life the way we used to. However, getting regular physiotherapy can help change that. You don’t need to be suffering from a chronic condition to seek physiotherapy. As you start aging, physiotherapy is an excellent tool to keep your body as fit and agile as possible.