Best Holiday Houses in Noosa

Best Holiday Houses in Noosa: Top Alternatives for Your Vacation Needs

Located in Queensland, Noosa is a popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife, and thriving culture. With numerous attractions available, selecting suitable accommodation is vital for a pleasant and productive vacation. With the vast array of holiday houses in the Sunshine Coast in Noosa, you’ll find an alternative that suits your every need.

This article features some of Noosa’s top holiday apartments. We chose these spots for their accessible locations, amenities, and reasonable prices.

These Noosa luxury holiday rentals range from contemporary beachfront homes to quaint downtown cottages, providing the ideal setting for your next Noosa adventure.

Read on for perspective on the top five holiday houses in Noosa.

Holiday Houses in Noosa: Top 5 Destinations to Consider

Here are the best holiday houses in Noosa you should consider on your next vacation:

1.   Driftwood

This Noosaville property is located by the Noosa River, and its design focuses on making relaxation worthwhile.

You’ll find stylish three-bedroom apartments in a little boutique building. Recently, this destination has undergone extensive renovations to suit the most fastidious of tastes.

Driftwood ranks as the perfect vacation home for friends and family, thanks to its open layout and colour scheme of soothing neutrals and lush greens.

2.   Noosa Haven

Noosa Haven is one of those holiday houses in Noosa that reaffirms the “lovely one day, perfect the next” tagline. This destination fielding cozy three-bedroom apartments and situated on a prime waterfront stretch, is a dream vacation rental.

Here, professional renovation skillfully marries form and function. Noosa Haven apartments guarantee a fantastic vacation with your loved ones by hosting a sandy beach area, a private jetty, and cooking facilities.

3.   First Point Noosa

This stunning resort, promoted as “Noosa’s most exotic hideaway,” broadens tourists’ horizons in numerous ways. The absolute beachfront property, situated on the first point around Hastings St, is close to the cosmopolitan delights of the world-famous retail sector and the tranquillity of its sun-drenched beach.

Like most luxury holiday homes in the Sunshine Coast, First Point Noosa is decked out in a relaxing colour scheme heavily inspired by the sea and the shore, fielding stone and timber accents arranged across floors for excellent aesthetics.

4.   Noosa Court

The best holiday houses in Noosa leave you longing for more. This commitment becomes more pronounced when you arrive at Noosa Court. The complex hosting three-bedroom apartments is located in the heart of trendy Noosa.

Reachable via elevator from the parking garage, Noosa Court is where time loses all its significance. The interior design associated with featured apartments is an excellent reflection of the destination’s location at the intersection of two worlds: the picture-perfect Main Beach out front and the lively Hastings St behind.

5.   The Esplanade, Sunshine Beach

This beautiful Sunshine Beach hideaway, fondly referred to as “The Beach Shack,” embodies the understated elegance and endearing simplicity hallmarking Australian culture. However, unlike the meagre abode of traditional true blue tales, this residence is a dreamy vacation spot set against the breathtaking backdrop of the ocean.

Stretching across four stories, each level of The Esplanade, Sunshine Beach has been carefully planned to utilise the surrounding’s natural light alongside the allure of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Best Holiday Houses in Noosa 2


Noosa is a fantastic vacation spot catering to numerous visitors, from surfers and beach bums to nature lovers and families. Many incredible holiday homes and Sunshine Coast holiday rentals are available. As such, you can quickly discover the ideal accommodation for your trip.

The perfect vacation is achievable in Noosa, whether you’re searching for a relaxing luxury getaway, an exciting adventure, or a combination of both. Consequently, there’s no reason to hold off. Book any of the listed holiday houses in Noosa and experience an exhilarating vacation with friends and family.