Cleaning Air Duct

Best Methods For Cleaning Air Duct

Most of the commercial and residential establishments have HVAC, ventilation, and heating or cooling ducts. They are organized tightly, and fresh or stale air would rarely pass at the same time. If this occurs, then there may be an accumulation of dirt, dust, or pollutants in the air duct.

These particles make the air unhealthy and hamper well-being and impact the lives of people in the building. Dust in the air ducts may give rise to several respiratory ailments too. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire duct cleaners in Melbourne to clean air ducts at regular intervals.

Air duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of the component in the HVAC system, including return air ducts, air register, grills, heating exchangers, diffusers, heating and cooling coils, fan motor, drain pans, and the air handling unit.

If the air ducts are not installed, operated, or maintained properly, these components may get contaminated by pollen, debris, or dust. Further, if there is moisture present, the potential microbiological growth is increased (mould). Mould spores can blow through the air vents and can cause allergic reactions among loved ones. Plus, excessive mould exposure can even lead to severe health complications.

If you hire a professional to clean the HVAC components, then it is essential to ensure that they agree to clean all the parts. Plus, they should be qualified to do so. Negligence while cleaning can recontamination the entire system. Therefore, always hire a certified and experienced duct cleaning company to clean air ducts.

Best Methods For Cleaning Air Duct

Methods of Melbourne Duct Cleaning

The technique of cleaning air ducts may vary depending on the type of air duct. Further, the standards of cleaning them have been created by industry associations. Generally, professionals use specialised products to dislodge dirt, debris, and dust in ducts, then vacuum them out using high-powered vacuum cleaners.

Method 1 – Source Removal Air Duct Cleaning

Source removal mechanically cleans the HVAC system. This method involves two elements – extraction and mechanical agitation. As debris, dust, and dirt stick inside the air duct, a mechanical agitator is used to lose the dirt from duct walls. Then the dust is extracted using a high-quality vacuum cleaner.

Method 2 – Point of Contact Air Duct Cleaning

This is one of the safest and effective air duct cleaning methods. It uses a spinning brush and HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter vacuum to clean the ductwork and vents.

The vacuum’s high velocity allows it to extract debris from the air ducts. Plus, the HEPA filter prevents cross-contamination. Though this air duct cleaning method is highly effective, new cleaning technologies are constantly being developed to improve the cleaning process.

Method 3 – Truck Mounted Air Duct Cleaning

In Melbourne, duct cleaning technicians use portable vacuum cleaners to clean the entire HVAC system. Further, there are a few who use a truck-mounted vacuum to clean the ductwork effectively. The truck-mounted air duct cleaning is also known as air sweeping and does exceptional work of removing dirt and allergens.

Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts

When you clean the HVAC system, it removes the pollutants, resulting in improved indoor air quality and health of the people. There are several duct cleaning companies in Melbourne that claim to be number one. However, it is best to hire a company that has vast knowledge, experience, and accreditation.

Creates a Cleaner Living Space

Getting your air ducts cleaned reduces the dirt that would otherwise circulate throughout the house. Fortunately, a thorough air duct cleaning removes the accumulated dirt, dust, and pollen particles, and it even reduces the amount of dusting required to maintain a healthy living space.

Reduces Allergens

Air ducts even contain microorganisms and contaminants and can cause disease among the occupants. The common allergens found in the air duct are pollen, mildew, pet dander, mould spores, bacteria, and other toxins. Inhabitants with underlying health issues such as Asthma and respiratory ailments can become sensitive to these airborne particles. Duct cleaning at regular intervals promotes healthier living. If the air ducts are not cleaned, then the dirty air would keep re-circulating over and over.

Clean Air to Breathe

Even if there is no one in the house with respiratory problems or chronic allergies, cleaner air makes it easier for everyone to breathe. Even the healthiest person, when exposed to dust, dirt, and pollutants in the home can catch cough, cold, and experience severe headaches. Cleaning air ducts periodically creates a comfortable environment and promotes cleaner living spaces.

Removes Unpleasant Smells and Odours

Household cleaning products, pets, mould, paint fumes, tobacco, and even food preparation contribute to the stale smell in the air ducts. Every time you turn on the air conditioner or furnace, these smells circulate throughout the house. Accumulation of dirt and dust over time can even cause a musty smell in the ductwork. Thus, hiring professional duct cleaners in Melbourne can help you remove odour trapped within the duct.

Improves the Flow of Air

Build-up of dust and grime in the ductwork and register can restrict the airflow from the air conditioner and furnace. It means that the HVAC system would have to use more power to maintain the temperature in the thermostat, resulting in high power consumption and a low level of efficiency. Therefore, it is advisable to hire professionals to ensure that the heating and cooling system offers the most cost-effective and efficient performance.

Drawbacks of Cleaning Air Duct by Yourself

The major drawback of cleaning the duct by yourself is damaging the air ducts. Air duct cleaning requires vast knowledge and experience; cleaning with household items may ultimately damage it.

Thus, to improve indoor air quality and extend the life of ductwork, it is advisable to get professional help. Once the HVAC cleaning technicians are done cleaning, they will tell you when the next duct cleaning is necessary. So, always allow a certified professional to clean the air ducts.

Tips To Prevent Dirt Accumulation in the HVAC System:

  • Regularly change the air filters.
  • Use the highest efficiency air filter suggested by the manufacturer for the HVAC system.
  • While cleaning air ducts, ask the professionals to clean the drain pans and heating and cooling coils.
  • During renovation and construction work, seal the return register and supply. Further, do not use the HVAC system until after cleaning up the debris and dust.
  • Dust and vacuum the house regularly. Invest in HEPA filter cleaner to clean the house.
  • Hire a professional Melbourne Duct cleaning company to clean air ducts Use this Breezy Acres Conway SC