Better Than Us Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

If you don’t feel like watching the usual dramatic and romantic shows, then time to switch to some other genre. Like other modes of entertainment, science fiction shows are also much popular among the audience. And one such big example is Better Than Us, a marvelous science fiction series from Russia you must watch. 

The credit of creation behind such a wonderful science fiction series goes to its creator Andrey. The production of this TV series is done by an Independent Russian studio (Yellow, Black, and White) in collaboration with a Russian Production company called Sputnik Vostok Production for C1R (state channel of Russia).

Later on, the English title Better Than Us was purchased by the top American production company Netflix. It is known to be the only science fiction TV series presented by it. Two years ago in August, the initial season of the latter TV series got streamed on Netflix beyond China and Russia. 

After the first season, plans are being made for a second season with ten episodes. The filming would take place in Moscow and Beijing in the current year 2021. Let us explore more about the science fiction Better Than Us via its storyline, actors, and release date of the new season and in this article. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Better Than Us
Genre: Science fiction, drama & action
Created by: Andry Junkovsky, Aleksandr Kessel & Aleksandr Dagan
Starring: Paulina Andreeva, Aleksandr Ustyugov, Eldar Kalimulin & others
Place Of Origin: Russia
Distributors:  Netflix and Yellow, Black and White
Original language: Russian
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 16

Better Than Us Season 2: Release Date

Story Plot

Better Than Us comes with a very interesting and captivating storyline. This science-fiction show revolves around robots and humans in the year 2029. In this show, robots can be seen serving humans in different positions. They even find a place in doing menial jobs that were initially meant for humans. 

The policy of single children in China has led to the serious scarcity of women of marriageable age. This brings the formation of a female modern robot called Arisa by an engineer. She is made to become a spouse and mother of kids (adopted). But Arisa does not adhere to any robotic laws of Issac Asimov.

Her framework is crafted in such a way that she would save the life of her family and herself. But now comes a twist. The creator who made her dies, and so she is sold to a Russian firm dealing in robotics, CRONOS. But there she takes away the life of a man who referred to her as a sex object. After killing him, Arisa flees. 

She comes close to a girl called Sonia and bonds with her automatically. Arisa becomes the guardian robot of Sonia. There are 3 storylines followed in the sci-fi series Better Than Us. You will find out when you will watch the series from the beginning. One such is the secret of CRONOS head, who attempts to conceal the fact that there can be no other robot to Arisa. 

War With Robots

The story takes a more interesting turn with multiple murders taking place. And there is one shady character who is hiding this secret. The sci-fi series also shows an association that dislikes robots and doesn’t want their existence in human society. So they go robot hunting. Whosoever human tries to save them would also meet death. 

Now starts the face-off between robots and evil humans. The second season of Better Than Us will push the story forward with humans versus robots. This conflict will be interesting to watch in the new season. And it is pretty much sure you will be glued to your screen. 


The more this sci-fi is interesting to its audience, the more the casting actors make it worth watchable with their stupendous acting prowess. 

Paulina Andreeva

She is the main lead of the Better Than Us sci-fi series. Paulina plays the mainstream role of robotic woman Arisa, who is created for fulfilling human needs, becoming the wife of the person who created her and the mother of adopted children. Born in 1988, Paulina is a talented actress and singer from Russia. Apart from Better Than Us, she is also known for her role in another TV series The Method that came out in 2015. 

Aleksandr Ustyugov

Aleksandr plays the role of CRONOS director in the science fiction drama Better Than Us. He is a talented actor from Russia known for his other roles in the TV mini-series Cop Wars. It came in 2005 and ended in 2010. It had sixty episodes. Besides acting, Aleksandr is also into film direction and music. 

Kirill Polukhin

Kirill is also a talented actor from Russia. He was born in 1969 on 3rd May. Because of his appearance, he mostly gets cast in negative roles. Kirill is married to an actress and is the father of a son. He has appeared in many films. Some of them include The Priest, Battalion, Ivan, The Method, Secrets of Investigation, and more. 

Mariya Lugovaya

Mariya plays the character of Larisa who helps the liquidators. She is also a very talented actor and theater artist from Russia. Mariya is best known for her role as Tasya in Ginger, a television series that came out in 2008. She also did a mainstream role in Murka, a TV series in 2017. Mariya is married to actor Sergey Lavygin. 

Second Season: Is It Cancelled Or Renewed?

According to Netflix, the second season of Better Than Us is not canceled nor renewed. In short, it was supposed to be the 3rd season. Fans who saw this sci-fi series from the beginning understood it as the second season. Netflix mixed the two seasons and made it one. So according to Russian media, the coming up of the third season might happen sooner or later. 

But hold on your horses, there is still no final confirmation of the new season (3rd) release as the second one or it would make us wait for the fourth season also. Since it is unclear from the part of streaming giant Netflix, regarding series renewal, it will be too early to speculate the following installments for the fans. 

You might expect the streaming of Better Than US Season 2 by 2022.