Midnight Surprise

Birthday Surprises for Wife

Birthdays are special because they add to another year of beautiful memories while making the birthday person remember the good old past with nostalgia. When it’s the birthday of your darling wife, the day means much more to you than her. You can’t thank the Almighty enough to bless your life with such a wonderful being; therefore, you ought to make her birthday the best day of her life.

We know it’s your wifey’s birthday coming up soon and you are running out of ideas. Take a deep breath and read till the end because here are ideas that will help you plan her D-day.

Midnight Surprise:

Midnight birthday cake cutting is a ritual that you can’t ignore. Just make the ritual more heartwarming by going a step further. Decorate the room with balloons, flowers, candles, lights—avail midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon at your doorstep of her favourite cake flavour.

Then, assist her to the room where the cake is placed on the bed, and play in the birthday song and let the cake cutting ceremony take place. After that, you very well know how to take care of things. Ahm! Ahm!

Birthday Surprises for Wife

Birthday Getaway:

Ahead before her birthday, plan a weekend getaway or a vacation if your schedule allows. If she is an adventurous soul, choose a place in the mountains. If she likes serenity, go to beaches and seashores.

At the location, for her birthday, book a suite, resort, or any special place to spend a birthday day and night. Make arrangements for the cake, balloons, flowers, champagne, and all that you could think of for making her birthday the best birthday. Another option is a birthday vacation to a picturesque location for a week or so.

Throw a Party:

Throw a birthday party for her wherein inviting all her friends, family members, and people closest to her heart. It can be a home party on the terrace, backyard, bonfire in the winters.

With the help of your friends and family, arrange for the cake, snacks & drinks, music, and you are good to go. You can do away with the extravagant decorations, just decorate the scene with Happy Birthday Helium balloons. If possible, try to make it more of a surprise birthday party.

Pamper Her:

Every woman loves pampering. Birthday is just an excellent excuse to shower all the love on her. Starting from the birthday morning, wake her up with a hug and give her some fresh flowers. Then, if she is working, drive her off to the office and later in the day send her a gift.

If she is not working, you can take a break from the office for her and spend time with her. You can help her with chores, take her to a salon for a spa or makeover, and then in the night have a birthday dinner at the restaurant.

Romantic Birthday Surprise:

Sweep her off the feet by doing something romantic for her birthday. If she constantly complains about you being unromantic, this is your chance to reveal your romantic side. Decorate the room with rose petals, heart-shaped balloons, and candles. Get a bowl and fill it with chocolate-covered strawberries, candies, marshmallows. To set the vibe, play soft and romantic music – this could also mean you have the chance to gift her with personalized music. Dim the lights for a better effect.

Be There For Her:

What could be more romantic for a wife than you being by her side all through the day on her birthday. Yes, give you to her. Tie a ribbon around yourself with a sticky note on the t-shirt that says “ Untie me; I am your present for the day.” Give her romantic hints all day long and finally at night let her take the lead. Please her with some romantic gestures like say some lovey-dovey lines, compliments with kisses, and many more such mushy things.

Simple and Sweet:

Simple and sweet birthday surprises will also do wonders. All throughout the day send her gifts and tokens; bring her a cake at night for the cake cutting ceremony. For dinner, either takes her out or order food at home. Just enjoy each other’s company.

Birthdays come once a year, make sure you make it a cherishable day for your wife to remember for years.