Black and Gray Tattoo Designs to Enhance Body Art for Men and Women in San Antonio

Black and Gray Tattoo Designs to Enhance Body Art for Men and Women in San Antonio

Looking for tattoos that you are sure you would want to keep forever is hard, especially because tattoos are permanently etched on your skin. There are a lot of techniques and styles that you could choose from, from getting a colored tattoo, to simply going with the black and gray tattoo for your body. A lot of people go with black and gray. They are the ones that would stay appealing over time and they could enhance your body art for both men and women. Getting black gray tattoo ideas in San Antonio would be easy since there are so many styles to choose from.

What is a black and gray tattoo called in San Antonio?

When you are getting a black and gray tattoo, it is usually called the Jailhouse tattoo since this style of tattooing originated back in 1970 in prisons. Even though that is where they got the name, there had been evidence of tattoos from some female mummies they found in ancient Egypt back in 2000 BC.

What makes a good black and gray tattoo?

What makes a great black and gray tattoo is all of the variations of shading in the art piece. You know that the tattoo that you have is of great quality if the tattoo still manages to have these soft and subtle shades alongside all of the harsher shadows. You are sure that you could get the best quality of tattoo from a person who had been doing it for so much longer because they would better understand what they are doing and the techniques they are going to be using.

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Types of black and gray tattoos

1. Stone style

An amazing black and gray tattoo that you could get is the stone style tattoo, though it is not popular, it is still an astonishing and unique tattoo idea that you could get. This is like having a sculpture permanently etched on your skin and it is usually in a 3D art style to give this realistic feel to it. It is usually in black and gray, but you could even get it in color if you want.

2. Portraits

Over time, portrait tattoos have grown popular as people get portraits of famous people, someone they love, and even their family pet on their skin. You could get the portrait tattoo in either black and gray or color, as long as it is a portrait. When you get this tattoo, then it would be better if you get it in a medium size.

3. Surrealist/ horror

Some people put surrealism in the category of horror because of how weird it could be, but it is one of the popular black and gray tattoos people get nowadays. This is better appreciated when you get it large.

4. Graffiti tattoo

Another style of tattoo that you could get in black and gray is the graffiti tattoo. A graffiti tattoo could either be letters, letterings, or drawings and designs. They are usually colorful, but a lot of people choose to get them in black and gray as a form of aesthetics. It could be either a big or small tattoo, it doesn’t matter.

5. Celtic tattoo

The Celtic style tattoo only uses Celtic symbols or at least anything that is a part of the Celtic culture. These kinds of tattoos are usually found on your chest or your shoulders, but they would be available to be inked on almost any and every place in your body. They are usually “circles with things, so they are great tattoos to put on your shoulder and chest, and they could either be traditional or you could affix some 3D twist into them.

6. Gray wash tattoo style

If you are really into the black and gray style of tattoo, then you could get the gray wash tattoo style because the lines are bold, but not as much, and the color isn’t as strong compared to other types of tattoos. The insides of the drawing are going to be black and gray, making it discreet and there is no limitation in any kind of design you would want to have.

7. Illustrative Tattoo Style

When you are working with the illustrative tattoo style, it is more of a concept because there are a lot of influences that go into it, like realism, blackwork, and dotwork. It could either be colored black and gray, varying in size, and a lot of the time, there are influences found in classical art.

8. Mayan Tattoo Style

Last but not least, we have the Mayan tattoo style. This is a kind of tattoo that is inspired by ethnic or tribal designs of the Mayan culture. They are usually in black and gray technique, you could get it in both the medium and big style, and it is a tattoo style that used to be intricate and ceremonial back in the day.

Do black and grey tattoos age well?

Yes, black and gray tattoos really age well, as people say, it ages like fine wine. Your tattoo would be able to settle on your body and naturally become a part of your skin but make sure that it stands out. Compared to colored tattoos, which tend to fade so much faster over time, having a black and gray tattoo would just stay put and it would look amazing even when you are a century old.