Black Spot Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Latest Updates

Black Spot is a French-Belgian series set in Villefranche, a small and gloomy town where a high murder rate is not even a surprise. The place is so remote that getting a phone signal is really hard. 

Netflix acquired the rights of the series in 2017 and streamed it globally. This was considered as Netflix’s big step in going into the French market. The series is more known as Zone Blanche in French.

With the successful release of the first season which aired on April 17, 2017, consisting of eight episodes, the show immediately received countless praise and admiration from fans of bloodthirsty action-thriller films.

This sparked the decision to renew Black Spot for another season which was aired on June 14, 2019. 

The series had a total of 16 episodes that can let anyone interested in the film binge-watch the show on Netflix. 

If you are curious how Laurène Weiss, the show’s protagonist continues to maneuver her life on the show then keep on reading as we will provide you everything we know about the third season of Black Spot.

The Plot

The story is set in a small but fictional town in France named Villefranche. It is very gloomy and not even a small glint of sunshine can come through the thick forest in the mountain. Only a few can grasp living in the place. 

It is mainly because of two reasons such that simply living there is dangerous and very far from being easy while the other reason would be the increasing rate of death not due to the living conditions but because of the increasing murder rate. 

To make the matters worse, Villefranche is even considered to be one of the most dangerous towns in the country that has a murder rate of six times more than that of the national average. 

Major Laurène Weiss, the main protagonist of the series, is the head of the police department and has lived all her life in this small town. She is in search of the truth of her past and while doing so, she has come face to face with death a couple of times already. 

The condition of the town that seems to be already in a deep ill-fated situation worsens with the discovery of a dead body and the disappearance of the mayor’s daughter.

One unfortunate prosecutor named Franck Sirani is sent to Villefranche to help in the investigation and found the truth about the dark happenings in the town. 

This soon unraveled a lot of dark and mysterious conspiracy theories that include unfolding the unknown disturbing pasts of the characters in the series.

Black Spot Season 3

Black Spot Cast

If Black Spot is really up for renewal then it is expected that the producers and creators of the story will retain the lead roles introduced in the previous seasons.

This includes the chief police officer and also the main protagonist character in the series, Laurène Weiss who is portrayed by Suliane Brahim, supported by her co-actor protagonist Laurent Capelluto as Franck Siriani, a public prosecutor.

Other notable characters in the series for both seasons include Hubert Delattre who portrayed the role of Teddy Bear; Samuel Jouy who plays the role of Bertrand Steiner; Renaud Rutten as Louis Hermann. 

It is expected that the most anticipated release for the third season of the series will welcome new additional members to their casts and further create a dark, twisted, intriguing turn of events over the course of time.

Black Spot Production

The great team behind this supernatural-thriller series is under the direction of Julien Despaux and Thierry Poiraud, created by Mathieu Missoffe with executive producer Pascale Breugnot. 

Another set of undeniably talented producers were Pascal Wyn, Vincent Mouluquet, Christophe Louis, and Pierre-Emmanuel Fluerantin.

Apart from them, Juliette Soubrier, Antonin Martin-Hilbert, Sylvie Chanteux, and Florent Meyer were the ones responsible and given well credit for the mind-blogging story plots on various episodes.

Black Spot Season 3 Release Date

With the first two seasons of Black Spot earning massive popularity, it is only right to come back for another season.

Both seasons of the series highlighted various subplots that kept its popularity increasingly good.

It hooks any audience for every episode and gives a shade of dark mysteriousness to audiences and critics. The first season premiered in April 2017 followed by its second season in June 2019.  

With this pattern of releases, several fans are expecting the third season to be released this year June 2020.

However, the creators of the show still haven’t said anything on its official release and leaving fans speculating for its estimated expected release sometime in June 2022 or later.

Black Spot Season 3 Official Trailer

Unfortunately for the fans of this dark twisted tale, we still have to wait for the official confirmation for the production of the next season until its first official release

In the meantime, you may stay in this section and browse over some of the previous official trailer releases. Then move on to Netflix to binge-watch all its episodes.