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Cash House Buyers vs. Traditional Real Estate Agents: Which Is Right for You?

Homeowners looking to sell have two main options, contact a cash house buyer or go the traditional real estate agent route. Both options present many pros and cons, making it tricky for sellers to choose where they fall. If you’re considering selling to a cash house buyer, these cash house buyers in Pueblo can surely help.

However, if you’re undecided, this article will guide you through each option and which is right for you. Read on to find out the specific benefits.

What Are Cash House Buyers?

Cash house buyers are a recent wave in the real estate market. They are companies or individuals offering cash to homeowners looking to sell their properties. These real estate investors help to simplify the property selling process by eliminating the back and forth between real estate agents and potential buyers.

Many homeowners often find the approach to property selling strange, especially because they aren’t used to being offered cash for their homes. However, cash home buyers are becoming the future of home sales, especially for homeowners in unconventional situations like divorce, relocations, inherited property sales, and others.

Selling to a Cash Buyer vs. Selling Through a Real Estate Agent

There are a lot of significant differences between selling a home to a cash house buyer and through a real estate agent. Find below some of the important things to know.

Selling Direct to a Cash Buyer

Selling your home to a cash buyer may be the best decision when you’re on a deadline. With cash house buyers, you have an interest in your home already, and all that is needed is to close the deal. But the approach to property sale also comes with additional benefits, including;

Faster and Easier Transaction

The biggest advantage of selling your house to cash house buyers is the potential for a significantly easier and faster transaction. Cash house buyers are always ready to speak to home sellers about their properties. They are also liquid, meaning they can review the property in hours and offer a cash price within days.

Being a liquid company, homeowners do not have to wait for a bank loan approval process. They also don’t have to worry about financing companies pulling the plug on the transaction. In most cases, cash home buyers present their clients with a cash offer and let them decide when to close the deal and finalize the sale.

There are instances where sellers can close their deals in 7 days or they could choose to extend the closing date to meet personal and specific preferences.

No Home Inspections Needed

The traditional home selling process often involves home inspection to identify areas where the house may be lacking. The home inspection process costs both the buyer and seller. With cash home buyers, property owners don’t have to worry about hiring home inspectors or spending extra money on inspections.

Cash home buyers often have their inspection team who show up to inspect the property at no cost. The inspection is often a lead-up to the cash offer. The inspection team will take note of the property’s condition and factor this into the final price offered to the seller.

No Need for Repairs, Remodeling, or Additional Costs

Homeowners looking to sell their homes in as-is condition without spending a dime on it can always rely on cash house buyers to purchase their property in its condition. This advantage has helped many homeowners save money on remodeling and renovations. Homeowners can also save money on cleaning costs, repairs, and even commissions charged by real estate agents.

Some cash house buyers may also offer to pay the closing cost, which puts more money in the seller’s pocket.

Selling Through a Real Estate Agent

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Most homeowners are familiar with the real estate property sale process. The process involves contacting a realtor who will help to manage the property and ensure it gets the traction needed to sell it. Some perks of this property sale method include the following;


Real estate agents often have a growing list of connections and networks that can be leveraged to improve a property’s chances of selling. The agent can also walk property owners through their marketing approach to ensure interest from targeted audiences.

Turnkey Process

Real estate agents offer a turnkey process that often insulates the seller from the entire process. However, sellers may choose to be a part of the staging and showing process.

While selling directly has many pros, its disadvantage is often in the price offered. Cash home buyers buy as-is but are likely to deduct the estimated repair costs to bring the property up to standard. On the other hand, real estate agents charge a commission on the sale and may require sellers to repair, upgrade, or remodel the property to meet their standards. Another major difference is that cash home buyers can complete the deal in days, while real estate agents cannot offer any guarantees.