Chief Keef’s Net Worth

Chief Keef’s Net Worth, How Much Did He Earn?

Who is Chief Keef?

Chief Keef is a well known American Rap Artist, Record Producer and Songwriter. His first engagement into music was back in 2010 with the high school students of Chicago’s South Side which was popular in his teen life.

In 2012, he continued his career as a rap artist and has produced songs that were listed in Billboard Rap top 20. He was also one of the flag bearers of the Chicago Rap scenes. Chief encountered challenges in his personal life and during his career with some legal issues.

Nevertheless, life changing incidents only makes him stronger and focused in his career. He made contributions to the evolution of rap music and has influenced some of the young artists of this generation. 

Personal Details

Celebrity Name: Chief Keef
Full Name: Keith Farrelle Cozart
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 15, 1995
Place of Origin: Chicago, Illinois, US
Age: 24
Height: 6’
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight Male
Status: Single
Wife: None
Profession: Music Artist, Professional Singer, Songwriter and Producer
Chief Keef Total Net Worth: $1 million US dollars

Chief Keef

Personal Life

Keith Farrelle Cozart or very well known by his artist name Chief Keef, was born on August 15, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

He went to Dulles Elementary School and a therapeutic day school called Banner School. He spent his highschool years at Dyett High School where he dropped out at the age of 15. 

Keith lived in Parkway Garden Homes, the area known as O-Block in Washington Park, South Side of the city. He was a member of a street gang in his neighborhood called the Black Disciples.

He had his first child at the age of 16, his daughter’s name is Kayden Kash Cozart. In 2013, he had his second daughter. In 2014, he had his third child and first son.

In 2015, he had his fourth child and second son. Keith had his children with different women, but stayed close to the children and has been giving them child support. 

Highlights of his life 

Keith was recognized by his contributions and many publications have named him one of the influential figures in the hip hop industry for his talent, style and gangster image.

One of his well known rap innovations is the very well known, “mumble rap” singing style. This style has influenced several and now well known artists.


In 2011, he was charged for manufacture and distribution of heroin in the street. During that time he was still a minor and resulted in a delinquent charge, he served his time under house arrest. 

During his teen years, he has been caught with possessions of illegal firearms several times and also acted on assaulting police officers. He was also involved with the use of illegal drugs. 

In his career in 2012, with an interview with Baltimore radio station, Keith was described by Lupe Fiasco as a “hoodlum” in his neighborhood, alleged to be a part of Chicago’s murder rate.

He and his Glo Gang, together with Migos were also involved in an incident that happened to a Chicago restaurant.

He had feuds with known artists such as 6ix9ine and several mishaps on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, with questionable and irresponsible posts.

Career debut

His career started on a local scene where he gained attention when he released his mixtape The Glory Road and Bang.

During his time of house arrest, Keith established his YouTube channel that became famous in Chicago for his hip hop subgenre called “drill”. This caught the attention of famous artist Kanye West and made remixes out of it with other famous rap artists.

Keith made it to the stage where his talent was up for bids among record labels just to sign with him. He finally signed a contract with Interscope Records.

Career on track

After his career with Interscope Records, he signed with 1017 Brick Squad Records in 2013. He was on track with his song productions, and was praised by other musicians.

On his 18th birthday, he created his mixtape, “Bang, Pt. 2” to follow his debut album. Part 2 received reviews with negative critics.

Continuing his careers and attempts, Keith began to experiment on his music production style, but decided in 2016 that he will be retiring as a rap artist.

He then focused his talent on the music production industry and released collaborative mixtapes known as Glotoven and Almighty So 2.

He earned his major production on Vert’s song Chrome Heart Tags from his second album Eternal Atake. He also has his own record label, Glory Boyz Entertainment. 

Chief Keef’s Total Net Worth

Chief Keef has been successful in his career as a rap artist, record producer and songwriter. During the peak of his career in 2018, he has a net worth of $2.5 million US dollars.His current total net worth is $1 million US dollars.