Choose Polyester Flag Banners for Your Business Events and Promotional Needs

Custom flag banners are now very much popular in terms of business promotions and event marketing etc. There are many sizes and shapes of customized flag banners out there, which you can choose based on your event’s nature the priorities you have. Various materials are used for making custom flags ranging from cotton, satin to polymer and polyester material, etc.

Polyester material

Polyester is a synthetic material; however, some polyesters are also plant-based with natural chemicals. Now, for its quality and durability, polyester fabrics are widely used in the apparel industry.

For the same reason, polyester is used in many industrial applications too. You can see polyester usage in apparel, furniture making, blankets, and even bedding sheets. With the option to print and customize this material, marketers and promoters now have a vast option to customize flag banners with their brands.

Usage of polyester in the making flag banners also has many other benefits as it is stain resistant, and special types of dyes can be used to color the fabric. These coloring dyes are heat-treated and pressured on to make the print designs clearer and more long-standing on polyester. You may have seen this fabric being used in front of the fast-food stores or flag banner poles.


Custom printing the flag banners

As we have seen above, you can custom print on polyester flag banners, which has to be done by professional printing services providers. As flag banners’ primary purpose is to boost promotions, you have to be very careful and knowledgeable while attempting printing.

Dye-sublimation printing

Dye-sublimation printing to make custom banners creates a customized graphic, copy, or art on to the polyester sheet. In normal digital printing, we use a CMYK color set for producing the full-color process. However, on the dye sublimation method, an image is printed with heat exchange or otherwise thermal transfer method. This is not the normal CMYK print colors, but rather it is to print using the CMYO (Cyan Magenta Yellow Clear) dye set.

Heavyweight nylon flags

When it comes to nylon flags, it is also printable like polyester. However, dye sublimation printing cannot be applied to nylon. In the case of durability, both nylon and polyester stand close to one another. Still, in a real-time scenario, polyester is more popular as it is more cost-effective.

Knitted and sewn flags

Usually, polyester flags are woven, and knitted is a misnomer. Fully sewn is also a misleading world as it primarily means that the hems are sewn but not fully woven or hot knife finished. The strength and durability of the custom flag banner also depend on the strength of these knits.

The lifespan of a standard flag banner may vary. While installed outdoors, it is largely based on the weather conditions of the region and the flab’s exposure to extreme weather. Usually, a flag fixed on to the pole like a feather flag banner has an average life of 1 year or more.