A wedding is one of the few unforgettable special moments in a person’s life. The partner crafts each event and decision carefully to make it memorable. From the proposal to the wedding decor, everything has to create a beautiful mental picture during recollection.

The proposal is the most integral part of beginning the journey together. It has to reflect one’s feelings towards another, and how does one do that? Through the medium of the ring, of course. Your partner’s interests and likes have to be taken into account while choosing the perfect ring for them. Notice whether they prefer a diamond floating ring or solitaire.

Even people who are not a fan of big fat weddings pay attention to lasting wedding souvenirs like the ring. Selecting the perfect ring might be overwhelming at times because of the countless options and terminology used. One has to know the difference when their partner says they love cushion diamond rings or an art deco ring.

What about a marquis ring? Or an emerald cut ring? One has to brush up on their glossary to identify what these terminologies mean. Most people are familiar with the 4 C’s where one has to pay attention when buying diamond jewellery, which are:

  1. Cut
  2. Colour
  3. Clarity
  4. Carat

But there is more to buying that one of a kind engagement ring. The design or the cut is integral in determining the look of the ring.

Here is a guide to different styles of wedding rings that one can choose for their special day:

Classic refers to a style that reflects the aesthetics of a by-gone era. The allure of classic designs never goes unnoticed. These rings are versatile and timeless and include simple rings like solitaires, which can never go out of style.

There is less intervention of modern tools, which reflects in the elegant geometric shapes like round or square cut gems. These rings are also invaluable in their capacity to be passed down through generations. Australians love paying homage to their traditions and ancestry. People who propose to their fiance with their grandmother’s ring carry a piece of their heritage with them. So classic rings are an investment that can be passed down for generations.

  • Multiple Stone Rings

Today people are after more variety and more drama. Therefore, rings with two or more stones are becoming popular. For example, there are diamond rings with pear side stones that accents the centre stone. Constellation rings have multiple stones laid all over the ring.

  • Solitaires

Solitaire is a classic ring that your partner will adore if they love that old-world charm. It is a single stone ring that may have four or six prongs as one would like and sometimes even has an embellished band. The significant aspect while buying solitaires is to look out for the quality of the gemstone.

  • Floating Rings

A diamond floating ring has a dreamy feel to it and is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. It is for that partner who loves modern aesthetics and adores things that are unique and different from the rest. They are unpretentious and elegant, which comes with the option of diamonds on the band. They are a good deal if one is under a budget but still desire to give their fiance a day to remember.


Choose from one of these styles depending on the budget and your fiance’s preference. Spend as much time choosing the right design, colour, and style. After all, it is not every day that one gets to propose to the love of their life.