Choosing The Right Home Design Trends To Best Showcase Your Personality

Choosing The Right Home Design Trends To Best Showcase Your Personality

Getting lost in the world of interior design is easily done. Chances are high that you have fallen down this rabbit hole more than once! Many of us have spent hours looking at the way individuals have decorated their homes, the styles they have chosen, and how they have brought their vision boards to life and created a space that is authentically them.

Along with looking through photographs on videos on social media of people decorating their homes, we also look at what the current interior design trends are according to the professionals. All of this research fills our minds with ideas on how we could decorate our own homes, using some of the inspiration we have gathered from online posts.

After creating numerous vision boards, each featuring different styles and ways to decorate rooms in our homes, one element often needs to be added: personality. More specifically, our personality. These vision boards visually show what could be a beautifully designed room, but they often need the owner’s personality. How do we inject our personality into the redesign of our homes? Keep reading to find out how to choose home design trends that best reflect your personality.

Compare Different Styles

Start with an open mind and compare the different styles of home design trends. Whilst the overall aesthetic for one design might not be your preference, there may be elements you love – these elements you could find a way to incorporate into how you decorate your home. These little details would have been missed without an open mind and looking at different styles.

You might uncover options you did not know about as you compare styles. These options could be closer to your personal style and have aspects that showcase your personality perfectly. Every detail you collect from comparing styles can be used to create a new vision board filled with these new findings.

Know Your Preferences

From your hours of research, you might have narrowed down a list of preferences you have with interior design trends. Along with your new findings, you might have your favourite home design trends that you truly love. Look at your space to see if your preferences are possible.

If not, you might reach out to professional tradespeople who could help you turn your visions into reality. For instance, you might have visions for decorative finishes added to some of the walls or ceilings. As such, you might reach out to a local plasterer through sites like MyBuilder, to help find plasterers near you. Their expert opinion and skills will help to bring your visions to life, helping you move one step closer to creating a space that matches your preferences.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Whilst you might have an ever-growing list of home design trends you adore, some may not be practical for you and your lifestyle. As you compare options, ensure that you are taking into consideration your lifestyle. Understandably, you will want to create a visually aesthetic space, one that perfectly matches the themes on your vision boards.

However, if these spaces are not practical for your lifestyle, your love of these visually appealing spaces will quickly diminish. When choosing home design trends to implement into your home, ensure you have considered your lifestyle and what will work well for you. Additionally, if you have plans to start a family, consider what you would need when your family grows.

Look Into Different Shops

Spend some time visiting different home and interior shops. Look at how they have designed their display rooms, whether it be for a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or living room. Visiting these shops in person can help you see some home design trends in person. Seeing them in person could change your opinion of them, and ones you once loved, you are no longer a fan – while ones you did not like now feature on your vision boards.

As you visit different shops, you also get to see pieces of furniture and accessories that you might not have seen before. Some of these pieces could perfectly capture your personality and blend seamlessly into your home’s recently renovated spaces. When you create a list of shops to visit, ensure that you add a few places you have not visited before, they might hold the perfect pieces for your home!

Injecting Your Personality 

Incorporating your personality into your home can be done in a variety of ways. From the colour schemes you use to the furniture you invest in the layout of your rooms, all of these can reflect your personality. Your style and taste are seen in your design choices, and guests will likely see aspects of your personality sewn into the overall aesthetic of your home. You can be proud knowing you have created a space that reflects your personality and is functional too.