Clear Away Bad Energy

Clear Away Bad Energy: The Basics of Smudging a House

When moving into a home that someone owned before you, it’s important to cleanse the energy and make space for a new one. People are energetic creatures so whatever negative happened in the home can linger and stick around.

This is where smudging can help – it’s a simple, natural ritual for energy cleansing that’ll give any space a boost of positivity.

Keep reading to learn all about smudging a house and the many positive aspects it can bring into your home and life.

What is Smudging and Why Smudge a House?

Smudging is a ritual of energetic cleansing or blessing a space or a person in order to invite new, fresh, positive energy and get rid of negative, bad, and stale energy. Smudging is typically done with sage or palo santo, but you can use all kinds of healing plants for this purpose.

How to Smudge a House?

The best time to smudge a house is during the day, preferably before you move into a new home. If you want to smudge your current home or office space, make sure to open all windows to let the smoke out.

Here’s what you’ll need to smudge your home the right way:

A Smudge Kit

Before you begin smudging a house with sage, make sure your smudge kit has everything you need for a successful ritual. Most kits have a bundle of sage or palo santo, a fanning device to spread the smoke, and a bowl to extinguish the bundle.

A Plan of Movement

Before you light the sage, make a plan of movement around the space. Start at the front door and slowly move clockwise from room to room until you arrive back at the front door. Then, close the ritual by saying a prayer for your home and the people in it.

A Smudging Mantra or Chant

One of the most wonderful benefits of smudging a house is setting a positive intention for the home and everyone in it. As you sage each room, repeat a mantra, a chant, or a prayer that describes the type of energy you want to attract. Smudging is all about intentions so focus on the positive rather than aiming to chase away the negative.

Lighting Up

Now that you have your smudge bundle, it’s time to light it up. Let the bundle catch a flame and after a few seconds, blow it out. It should start to give off smoke, which means it’s time for your smudging ritual to begin.

Make sure there aren’t any embers or pieces of sage on the floor or anywhere. Be careful with how you carry the bundle and leave all windows open to let any excessive smoke out.

Smudging a House Has Never Been Easier With These Simple Tips

Smudging the home with sage or palo santo is always a good idea to cleanse the energy. These herbs have a strong healing power that’ll give your home a fresh start and chase away any negativity.

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